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Downtime for manufacturers can be costly – reaching upwards of 500 hours annually according to some studies. Eliminating issues on the packaging line requires understanding the causes – sealing/bonding failures, thermal stability, nozzle plugs and adhesive placement – and how to correct. When the seal of your package fails – often called a pop open – there can be many reasons; however, the impression it leaves with consumers is poor quality.

Understanding hot melt adhesives and how to make consumer packaging secure

Distinguishing brands on retailer shelves, as well as maintaining quality and freshness is critical. Brand owners rely on product packaging to deliver quality to consumers. Industrial equipment folds the substrate, applies hot melt adhesive and assembles cases and cartons for consumer goods. Operators monitor the lines to assure packaging meets specifications and keep the lines running efficiently.  When packaging fails, there can be many causes. The challenge is avoiding downtime and keeping the production line running. 

Henkel launched a digital training platform to help packaging engineers, line operators and maintenance teams understand how to troubleshoot problems and implement best practices for adhesive applications. These technical recommendations can improve case and carton sealing in order to reduce pop opens.

To request access to our training platform, complete the contact form. 

Additionally, look for our video series Tips from the Technical Team. Follow Henkel Adhesives on LinkedIn as well as our hashtags #voiceofadhesives and #getstickywithit to stay in the know on the latest trends, tips, and best practices for your packaging.

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