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Who doesn’t love pizza?!  The melty golden cheese, the crunchy crust … Is your mouth watering yet? Before you pop your favorite frozen pizza in the oven, have you thought about your pizza’s impact on our environment? Besides providing nourishment, each frozen pizza is packaged in a carton sealed with hot melt adhesive. Does the recycling journey begin with consumers depositing the box in their personal recycling bin? Sustainability goes much deeper than recycling. 

Reduced energy consumption for case and carton sealing adhesives

With growing awareness on our impact to our planet, brand owners are expanding initiatives beyond recycling packaging materials and considering more holistic sustainable solutions. As the conversation on sustainability shifts to focus on the entire packaging footprint, food and beverage manufacturers look at the lifecycle of a product: raw materials, production, use and waste. It’s more than recycling the box, it is the process of packaging the frozen pizza and getting it on the shelf at your local market.

Henkel plays a role in reducing the environmental impact with low application temperature adhesives.  They require less energy to seal the carton without compromising the packaging integrity. TECHNOMELT® COOL case and carton sealing adhesives are applied at lower temperatures – up to 40% compared to conventional hot melts.  Requiring less energy to melt AND manufacture reduces the brand owner’s carbon footprint along the lifecycle of the adhesive.

Each step in packaging food involves various components – including energy and carbon emissions required to create and deliver goods to consumers. The last several months have been peppered with announcements related to packaging changes by brand owners. As you enjoy the slice of pizza, consider how brand owners and material suppliers are improving packaging and helping consumers be more sustainable.

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