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A frozen pizza coming fresh from the oven.  The aroma of melted cheese, tomato and spices … Is your mouth watering yet?  As you wait for the ding of the timer to take the pizza out, you can watch the toppings get crisp and the cheese melt.  Too long in the oven, the cheese and crust will darken and become inedible. The box your frozen pizza comes in is sealed with adhesive.  Similar to the pizza in the oven, the adhesive is sensitive to prolonged heat exposure preventing it from doing its job – sealing a package or carton.

Reduced energy consumption for case and carton sealing adhesives

In today’s competitive economy, manufacturing is all about efficiencies and throughput as they work to supply retailers with consumer goods. The adhesive used can cause downtime and delays.  Char, plugged nozzles or pop opens contribute to production delays and hurt your efficiency.  Food and beverage manufacturers are looking for solutions to these challenges.  Just like the frozen pizza, it is about applying the correct amount of heat.

Hot melt adhesives begin to degrade and darken when left in the melter for extended periods of time.  As the adhesive is exposed to heat, the polymers begin to age and eventually break down.  Adhesives will darken, the viscosity changes and char may begin to form.  This can reduce performance and even cause failures in transit or on a retailer’s shelves. 

Henkel’s low application temperature hot melt adhesives improve production efficiencies and reduce downtime.  TECHNOMELT®  Cool case and carton sealing adhesives are applied at lower temperatures – up to 40% less compared to conventional hot melts.  The lower temperatures help them last longer.  This reduced application temperature maintains adhesive stability, prolongs equipment life, decreases maintenance costs and improves start-up times.

Each step in food packaging involves various components – including cartons, adhesive and labels to create and deliver goods to consumers. The last several months have been peppered with announcements related to packaging changes by brand owners. As you enjoy the slice of pizza, consider how brand owners and material suppliers are improving packaging and helping consumers be more efficient.

Learn about TECHNOMELT® Cool’s sustainability  features. Contact us for more information.

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