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In recent years, food and beverage recalls have impacted the food industry globally. From meats to nuts and spinach to pet food, these recalls are magnified by online news sources and social media and can severely damage the reputation of brand owners and their suppliers. Understanding FDA regulations and Food Safety Systems Certification (FSSC) 22000 are part of the solution; however, choosing the right packaging materials for each food products completes the picture.

Food and beverage packaging informs consumers and protects the contents

A package serves a number of roles: It protects the food and provides a container for transport to retailers.  It also provides consumers with information on contents and potential allergens. Protecting brands and consumers is at the heart of Henkel’s packaging adhesives. Adhesives are often called “the forgotten layer” due to its perceived small piece in the total package compared to inks, boards and foils. The evolving regulatory landscape and increased scrutiny of minor components requires all packaging materials, including adhesives, to meet and exceed requirements and expectations.

As a partner to the food industry, Henkel understands this evolution of food safe packaging and proactively engages with brand owners on the topic. Evolving food safety expectations included a focused need for increased assurance in the packaging material supplier’s operations.  Henkel implemented Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmark standards, including FSSC 22000 as our hot melt adhesives management standard for products used in food and beverage packaging.

Henkel creates advantage for the packaging industry through a complete range of high-impact solutions and extensive industry knowledge to drive related operational optimization and continuous improvement. Our TECHNOMELT® PRO Series offers a high level of food safety assurance provided by careful selection of raw materials and strategic formulation approaches.

Globalization of food networks requires broader communication on food safe packaging to inform a range of stakeholders – from packaging developers and food safety managers to plant managers, brand owners, retailers – and even consumers. Henkel understands adhesive-related aspects of food packaging and collaborates with brand owners to avoid packaging recalls and improve safety and sustainability of packaging for the industry.

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