Imagine a world where everything goes right into your curbside recycling program. No separating. No trying to follow complicated instructions. Just use the paper product and drop it in the blue bin. EPIX Technology enables paper products (e.g. sustainable packaging materials) to deliver increased functionality and provides enhanced properties for on-the-go products (e.g. paper straws, food trays, and paper cups), creating curbside recyclable goods made for today’s consumer needs.

EPIX creates sustainable materials and packaging technology for paper products

eCommerce Packaging 

Padded mailers and other packaging materials are evolving to streamline the size and use recycled materials.  EPIX technology improves on traditional paper packaging. Instead of oversized containers and envelopes with packing materials, EPIX technology enhances paper mailers and delivers flexible, form fitting and recyclable packaging options.

When this sustainable packaging technology is applied and your eCommerce bounty reaches you in perfect condition, you don’t have to separate anything. Just drop the packaging into the recycle box; it’s that simple.

Food Service Products 

Disposable, on-the-go products are popular with consumers especially if they can be recycled. EPIX Technology enables recycling of many food service items – paper straws, food trays and paper cups. EPIX improves water resistance for paper straws and provides higher temperature resistance for double-walled paper cups for coffee and tea.

Consumers can enjoy their latté, a milkshake or a soda with disposable items and still be sustainable. Drink up and stay sustainable.


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