Engineering Adhesive Solutions for Next Generation Structural Bonding

Learn how Henkel is optimizing formula solutions for vehicle material, processing and engineering design

Structural Adhesives Play Critical Role in Developing Lightweight, Durable Structures

Incorporating lightweight material, such as ultra high strength steel, aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber, into vehicle body design means significant engineering challenges - including varying thermal expansions and electrical conductivities. Structural adhesives help to overcome these challenges, offering a variety of opportunities and benefits, including:

  • High energy absorption
  • Evenly distributed loads
  • Improved NVH performance
  • Joining materials that are difficult to weld
  • Improving stiffness

Moving forward, Henkel is further adapting its structural adhesive capabilities to offer a single formula that meets advanced uncured and cured properties for steel and aluminum bonding - helping to consolidate materials in the body shop, while accelerating product development time.

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