Metal Matters

A podcast for the metals industry

Metals matter. With the right coatings and surface treatments, they make incredible contributions to our daily lives. In this regular podcast series, experts from across the metals industry share their deep knowledge of innovations that can improve efficiency, sustainability and safety – while achieving outstanding performance.

Do you use steel, aluminum or alloys? Do you need cleaners, corrosion protection or paint adhesion? Do you want to cut waste, reduce emissions or eliminate chemicals of concern? Check out our podcast to find the solutions to your biggest challenges…

You can listen to episodes on LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms as part of our “Bonderite goes around the world” campaign. Enjoy listening to our experts!

Safe and sustainable stainless steel pickling 

Eric Ardourel is our special guest for Episode Two of the Chair on Air podcast. He is a technical expert in steel and multi-metal pretreatments, and speaks about safe and sustainable stainless steel pickling solutions that do not contain any nitric acid. Eric has almost 20 years of experience in this application and is passionate about innovations that protect metals – while protecting people and the planet too.

25-years of chrome-free conversion coatings for aluminum

In the first ever episode of our Chair on Air podcast, Raul Hernandez shares his insights into chrome-free conversion coatings for light metals. As a technical engineer and industrial chemistry expert, he tells the story of Henkel’s 25-year history of providing Qualicoat-approved innovations for customers around the globe – and talks about the future of safe, sustainable and cost-effective metal pretreatment.


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