Since the inception of the LOCTITE® anaerobic product range, Henkel has partnered with many businesses to make the assembly and maintenance world more reliable and provide solutions for today’s manufacturers. In the process, the LOCTITE® bottle has become the iconic symbol of quality, high performance and innovation in adhesives technology.

To reinforce the LOCTITE® promise of quality, reliability and our best-in-class sales and technical support, Henkel is now launching a new bottle design for the LOCTITE® anaerobic product range, creating a unique brand identity across the globe. The new design features micro-engraving in two textured areas, which gives the new bottle a distinguished look.

In addition, to simplify and ensure consistency of the LOCTITE® brand, some minor cosmetic updates to labels for all LOCTITE® anaerobic products were implemented at the same time. The new upgrade will cover LOCTITE® 50ml and 250ml threadlockersas well as other product bottles in the future. The threadlocker formulation, performance and order number (IDH) will be maintained.  The new bottle designs will not impact the way existing customers currently apply the product to their equipment. The new bottles are compatible with the original LOCTITE® hand pumps.

How does LOCTITE® branded threadlockers help our customers?

Mechanical locking devices such as split washers, nylon nuts and flat washers were invented to solve the common problem of loosening that happens in most threaded assemblies. The reality is that they do not maintain clamp load as assemblies “locked” with these devices often loosen under vibration, thermal expansion and/or improper torque. LOCTITE® branded threadlockers address this issue as they can fill the gaps left in traditional fastening methods. After using LOCTITE® threadlocker, customers can expect less downtime, fewer complaints, greater efficiency and a safer working environment.

The benefits of using a LOCTITE® threadlocker extend beyond just locking the bolt in place. It also prevents corrosion and galling, provides excellent chemical and thermal resistance and makes disassembly for maintenance easier. Furthermore, one 50 ml bottle replaces over 800 standard washers on the most common bolt sizes.

LOCTITE® Highlights