Watch Henkel's Web-Seminar on Next Generation Structural Adhesives

Learn how Henkel is optimizing formula solutions for vehicle material, processing and engineering design

Historically, the formulation and application of structural adhesives in the automotive industry has involved trade-offs. Adding toughening agents to improve fracture toughness and impact resistance, for example, can reduce adhesive strength and stiffness. Using heat during fixturing and curing may be needed to achieve the best results – but at the same time can contribute to bond line read-through issues.

The end goal is to achieve all desired uncured and cured properties in one single formulation without the need to compromise.

In order to get there, an interdisciplinary approach must be taken that optimizes chemistry development and application in three key areas, including:

  1. Material interaction
  2. Processing capabilities
  3. Engineering design

Join Associate Scientist and P.h.D., Nick Kamar for an insightful discussion and learn how next generation structural adhesives can help optimize your body-in-white vehicle design.


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