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Welcome to the Henkel Printed Electronics ThINK Together Event Page –
A showcase for our digital events, offering first-hand insights on

  • latest material innovations for stretchable, flexible & high-speed printable electronics,
  • material processing advice to improve your screen printability
  • recommendations for innovative material solutions to create seamlessly connected sensing applications within the field of healthcare, hygiene and consumer surfaces

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ThINK Together Video Podcasts

Session 1:

Advancing printed electronics materials to become stretchable, bio-compatible & high-speed printable

Session 4:

Exceeding the limits of conventional heating elements by applying printed foil heaters using PTC inks

Session 2:

Proximity Sensing with Printed Electronics – Why touchless interfaces have become the future

Session 5:

Material & processing requirements for fineline screen printing conductive inks

Session 3:

The importance of material compatibility and form factor in printed sensing technology for healthcare applications

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