Low Pressure Molding Solutions

Many electronic assemblies are exposed to extreme conditions, such as strong temperature swings, corrosive environmental media or high humidity. Nevertheless, these devices have to deliver the expected performance, despite difficult environmental conditions. While Henkel has various solutions in its portfolio for electronic component and assembly protection, one in particular is a special hotmelt used in the low pressure molding process.

These innovative hotmelts, which Henkel markets under the TECHNOMELT® brand, have a broad range of uses and are now available for almost every application. With the low pressure molding process, it is possible not only to bond surfaces but also to provide protective encapsulation, even for small and delicate electronic components. Thanks to the use of renewable raw materials, hotmelts are more environmentally compatible than other products and are RoHS and WEEE-approved materials.

Once the hotmelts are in direct contact with a PCB, they immediately cool down. As soon as you open the mold tool, the protected assembly is ready to be tested and shipped without a further curing or drying process.

Author: Giuseppe Caramella