Join Henkel's Webinar with ZFW and Bdtronic on the New High-Performance Liquid Gap Filler with 7 W/mK

Learn about Henkel's newest Thermal Interface Material (TIM), its design rules and tailored process technology for automated mass production

June 30 at 10 am and 4 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST)

To save valuable space inside vehicle designs, engineers are constantly seeking to miniaturize components, including power electronics such as inverters and on-board chargers. At the same time, power electronics are not only becoming smaller, but also more powerful, as proven by next-generation ADAS systems. Both trends are making thermal management an even higher priority as larger amounts of heat are being released while less surface area is available to act as a heat sink.

Recognizing this market trend towards small-sized, high power density automotive electronics, Henkel developed a new liquid Gap Filler technology that is able to dissipate heat with an unchallenged 7 W/mK.  In addition, with a dispense of rate of up to 18 g/sec, the material is also suitable for mass production.

During this webinar, our speakers from Henkel, ZFW (Zentrum für Wärmemanagement) and Bdtronic (Dispensing Systems) will provide:

  1. An introduction to the BERGQUIST TGF7000 (liquid Gap Filler with 7 W/mK), the design considerations and building blocks to reach up to 18 g/sec dispense rate (Henkel)
  2. An overview of the testing methods, failure mechanisms and design rules, as well as an application thereof to TGF7000 (ZFW)
  3. An understanding of the tailored dispensing technology needed to enable fully automated large-scale production (Bdtronic)

About the speakers:

Holger Schuh, Global Technology Lead Thermal at Henkel, has more than 25 years of experience in the area of thermal management. He joined Henkel 10 years ago following the acquisition of Bergquist.

Robert Liebchen, Head of Technical Sales at ZFW, joined ZFW 9 years ago, developing measuring methods for thermal conductivity, thermal resistance and life time prediction.

Florian Schütz, Regional Sales Manager DACH at Bdtronic, has a background in industrial engineering with focus on electrical engineering. He joined Bdtronic 6 years ago and worked as Key Account Manager with focus on the automotive industry.

The session will be moderated by Stephan Hoefer, Global Market Segment Head e-Mobility at Henkel. He joined Henkel 16 years ago, and after occupying several management positions in Functions and Supply Chain, he joined the automotive business team three years ago.