Web-Seminar with Scheugenpflug for ADAS on 1 Componet Cure-In-Place Silicone-Free Thermal Interface Material

Learn about design, performance and processing of the silicone free cure-in-place gel for ADAS and industrial applications 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, known as ADAS, are transforming the way vehicles are driven. They use dedicated data modules and sensors such as cameras, radar systems, ultrasonic sensors, and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems to map out the vehicle’s topological environment in order to identify potential hazards. Additionally, ADAS systems detect and enable the workings of various safety and self-driving functions. Thus, reliability and optimal performance are of outmost importance for ADAS systems manufacturers.

Henkel provides the most comprehensive solution portfolios for ADAS assembly, offering high reliability component connection, thermal management, PCB and logic component protection as well as structural bonding of various substrates.

During this web-seminar, our speakers from Henkel and Scheungenpflug will introduce a new Thermal Interface Material applied to the ADAS and Industrial market. Learn about: 

  • BERGQUIST TLF4500CGEL-SF. Henkel's new 1 component cure-in-place silicone-free Gel for high thermal performance which offers excellent gap stability, low assembly force and exceptional enhanced processing capabilities.
  • Scheugenpflug's knowledge on how to enable fully automated tailored dispensing technology for large-scale production.

Join our speakers Holger Schuh from Henkel, Thomas Schwarz together with Sebastian Piller from Scheugenpflug to learn more about our innovation.

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