Innovation is a critical need in the personal hygiene industry. Consumers are more diligent in investigating the components of the products purchased. In turn, brand owners are placing a greater emphasis on sustainability, safety and purity elements, as well as transparency in material selection for baby diapers, incontinence products and femcare. These market trends are driving development of new hot melt adhesive formulations and increasing the desire for product forms which increases efficiency and reduces manufacturing footprint. Improving hot melt adhesive production line efficiency can minimize adhesive waste and reduce energy use.

To meet these demands, Henkel introduces TECHNOMELT ADVANCE, a new polyolefin-based hot melt adhesive. This unique adhesive formulation addresses the safety and purity demands of consumers along with the efficiency needs of manufacturers. Integrating TECHNOMELT ADVANCE into a production line allows manufacturers to:

  • Improve hot melt adhesive production efficiency
  • Reduce impact to the environment 
  • Best in class raw material development and selection for safety and purity

TECHNOMELT ADVANCE offers a step change in hot melt adhesive applications and delivers value to personal hygiene applications. Join Henkel in taking a big leap into the future with this new technology.

Achieving optimized production with

Consumers demand more and more each year, and a constant need for improvement is necessary. Looking at today’s needs and anticipating for the future is what we aim to achieve together! TECHNOMELT ADVANCE’s innovation promises a satisfied consumer, and a happy machine.

The tailor-made solution enables the following improvements:

  • Lowest odor / VOC: Contributing to purity, safety and health brand positioning
  • Superior bond strength: For new challenging construction and core designs, strength and add-on optimized to work with soft substrates
  • Excellent processing: Get production lines running longer, cleaner and more reliably

Henkel supports your goals to deliver improved automation! Learn how TECHNOMELT ADVANCE supports greater efficiency while maintaining the highest level of quality. How to [be more] innovative with Henkel’s hot melt adhesives? Have a look:

Supporting lean production and greater efficiency with TECHNOMELT ADVANCE

There are many ways to increase efficiency – faster line speeds, better raw materials and improved supply chain mechanics. The common culprit is manufacturing downtime. Keeping the production line operating means using hot melt adhesives designed to work efficiently within the production plan.

Efficiency improvement is value creation at its best. TECHNOMELT ADVANCE offers the following main benefits:

  • Lower density compared to a typical rubber
  • Bond strength is both superior in its initial state at bond formation as well as in its final state
  • Significant, additional build up of final bond strength over time

Henkel supports your goals to become better and faster with hot melt adhesives! Learn how TECHNOMELT ADVANCE provides substantial efficiency improvement while maintaining the highest level of quality. Have a look how your production can [be more] efficient: 

Delivering improved purity with

When it comes to Personal Hygiene, safety is key, allowing consumers to trust and connect to your brand. TECHNOMELT ADVANCE has a bright color, best-in-class odor, and is tested for a minimum amount of VOCs, making your product the purest it can be!

TECHNOMELT ADVANCE achieves excellent results in odor panel tests with an odor reduction vs. prior benchmarks by up to 30% in cold condition and up to 50% in hot condition. Our formulation competence and optimal processing during adhesive production allowed us to bring the level of VOCs as well to a new minimum compared to prio gen olefin and typical rubber technology.

Henkel supports your goals to deliver improved purity for consumers! Learn how TECHNOMELT ADVANCE provides substantial efficiency improvement while maintaining the highest level of quality. Have a look how to [be more] secure with the hot melt adhesives “made for hygiene”:

Reaching future sustainability goals with

Understanding today’s sustainability challenges, and the urgency to solve them, Henkel ensures pure transparency as well as continuous effort to reducing carbon footprint. Having reached a 23% reduction from cradle-to-gate, we are more excited to increase that number with your collaboration, let’s pioneer the way towards a more sustainable future!

We make TECHNOMELT ADVANCE available across the globe – regionally manufactured – no long-distance shipping of products from different regions is needed.

Henkel supports your goals to deliver improved sustainability with hot melt adhesives! Learn how TECHNOMELT ADVANCE supports greater efficiency while achieving sustainability targets. Learn how to [be more] sustainable:

Achieving production reliability with

Next to delivering on the basics in our jobs every day, we all strive to do better than good. To support and excite those around us, it needs reliable partners. We offer an innovation that enables you to achieve specific targets as well as reach higher goals of your company. Let us show you how!

TECHNOMELT ADVANCE is based on feedstocks which are widely accessible and less influenced by ups and downs of neighboring end-use industries. When it comes to viscosity you can count on us! TECHNOMELT ADVANCE remain stable in the tank. No viscosity drop or gelling of the adhesive during processing. In addition, there is no charring in tank or around tank walls.

Greater efficiency while maintaining the highest level of quality? Have a look how to [be more] reliable with TECHNOMELT ADVANCE:

Purchasing hot melt adhesives by selecting TECHNOMELT ADVANCE

TECHNOMELT ADVANCE is available worldwide – making long shipping obsolete. The high quality and very positive results in use ensure not only the highest benefit for production, but also the regulatory compliance.

Connect with Henkel to find out more about the innovative polyolefin-based hotmelt. Our experts are happy to provide you with more information on how to [be more] with TECHNOMELT ADVANCE!

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