When it comes to packaging, sustainability and smart solutions are more important than ever for consumers. This shift is happening fast and its consequences for the industry are immediate: Consumers are making their voices heard and flexing their buying power to foster a change that has far-reaching consequences along the whole value chain.

As a leader for adhesives in packaging and labeling, Henkel anticipates these demands and supports its customers with innovative solutions created with consumers in mind. 

“In order to identify themselves with brands today, consumers increasingly expect brand owners to make packaging smarter and more sustainable,” says Nathalie Delava, Business Director Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Europe at Henkel. “This has a strong impact on individual purchase decisions and therefore on the business success of retailers and brand owners. It is thus our duty as a responsible supplier to support our customers in being able to develop and offer more sustainable solutions.


New product in support of the circular economy for PET bottles

Various studies show that the importance of sustainable packaging resonates strongly with consumers. About 70% of consumers would pay more for sustainable products. Some 90% of consumers feel that companies have to take care of the planet.1 This consumer perception is in line with where Henkel sees its own responsibility as a supplier and brand owne

With the new Aquence PS 3682, Henkel offers a water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive solution with excellent wash-off characteristics. This means it can be removed from the PET package cleanly and easily.

“With Aquence PS 3682, we are delivering a technology that actively supports the establishment of a circular economy, as the labels can be easily washed off. This helps material separation in the recycling process and therefore enables a higher quality grade of recyclate,” explains Greg Douglas, Business Development for Tapes and Labels in Europe at Henkel. “We are eager to bring such technologies to the market.”

1 Innovation Group, J. Walter Thompson Intelligence; The New Sustainability: Regeneration; 2018

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