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Tips to Extend Machinery Life 

Use high performance epoxy backing to extend machinery life

Over the last 35 years the epoxy crusher backing compound has replaced molten zinc as the preferred backing material for rock crushers within the mining and aggregate industries. This is due to its many advantages over pouring molten zinc especially from an increased health and safety standpoint. With epoxy backing there is no longer the safety hazards for workers to handle extremely high temperature molten white metal.

Epoxy crusher backing compounds are 100% solids, pourable, self-leveling, two-component epoxies used to fill cavities and eliminate gaps behind wear parts in both gyratory and cone crushers. It improves the mining equipment’s performance with high compressive strength, impact, and vibration resistance. This dramatically minimizes friction and vibration during extreme crusher operations which is critical to extending the life of wear liners and mantles.

Benefits of using epoxy crusher backing over molten zinc backing

For crusher maintenance personnel working with epoxy backing is much easier and safer to use than the old method of molten zinc. It’s easy to mix and pour, non-flammable resin that does not require any special equipment decreasing extended downtimes and getting the crusher returned to service much quicker.

Epoxy crusher backing help improve the lifespan of mining machinery

For these applications it is important that the crusher backing materials provide high compressive, impact strength and high volumetric stability. These features lead to low water absorption, low shrinkage during cure and support the machines in preventing voids and misalignment. They also significantly reduce odor and use color-changing technology as a visual fully mixed indicator.

To discuss how our crusher backing compound, Loctite Nordbak, can be beneficial to your operation and machinery feel free to reach out to our Author, Ryan Gonsalves via LinkedIn. 

About the Author:

Ryan Gonsalves is the Account Sales Engineer for the Northern Nevada mining region and general sales in Southern California. An Adhesives & Coatings Specialist, Ryan is responsible for Loctite growth in the Northern Nevada gold region. He provides technical expertise, product application recommendations, and operator training. Working with mines in his region, his focus is to help Loctite customers achieve their production goals through reducing downtime and increasing equipment reliability. Ryan has worked for Henkel for four years and has worked in the mining industry for more than ten years.

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