More than a Tool. It’s Technology.

LOCTITE® Adhesives, Sealants & Coatings Solutions for jobs done right.  

Around the world maintenance, repair and overhaul pros turn to LOCTITE® to deliver performance and reliability. With the industry’s most technologically-advanced line of adhesives, sealants and coatings, we have a solution designed for your unique application and processes. Every product is backed by a team of technical experts – so whether we come to your plant or we assist you remotely, we deliver the support you need. Jobs done right use LOCTITE®.

Ready for Your Toughest Challenge

Top Preventable Downtime Causes

Fastener Loosening
Cause of Catastrophic Failure

Gasket Leakage
Downtime + Replacement Parts

Keyway Wallow
Downtime + Replacement Parts

Hydraulic Leaks
1 drop per second @ $5 per gallon = $2025 per year per leak

Spun Bearings
Fretting Corrosion
Downtime +
Replacement Parts

Air Leaks
1/16  @ 100 psi @ $0.65 per kWh = $842 per year per leak

Tape Fouled Valves
Downtime System Flush

Delayed Repairs


The best-in-class performance of LOCTITE® threadlockers resist vibration and thermal expansion, maintaining clamp load while also sealing against corrosion and leakage.

  • High, medium & low strength options
  • For fasteners < ¼ inches (6mm)
    and larger
  • Suitable for pre-assembly and
    post assembly
  • Can be disassembled
  • Bottles don't leak or dry up
  • NEW LOCTITE Pro-Pump is now available for more precise dispensing and application

Instant Adhesives

We offer a wide variety of instant adhesives, that provide fast performance and easy application when you need quick results.

  • Options for virtually every material and substrate
  • Full range of strengths including wicking viscosities
  • No-mixing required
  • Cure rapidly at room temperature
  • Special grades for flexibility, gap filling and low odor

Industrial Sealants

Proven reliable in maintenance, repair and overhaul applications, our sealants increase productivity and reduce downtime, helping you prevent leaks.

  • Seals threads, gaskets, flanges and more
  • Anaerobic, polyacrylate, silicone and urethane formulas
  • Range of flexibility options

Retaining Compounds

When you need to secure a bearing, bushing or cylindrical part into a housing or shaft, LOCTITE® solutions form strong, precision assemblies you can depend on.

  • Higher strength with a simplified, less costly design
  • Increases assembly reliability
  • Eliminates stresses, corrosion, and load variations
  • Supports the assembly of dissimilar materials
  • Reduce tolerance requirements

Industrial Lubricants

Lubricants can be used for everything from releasing seized parts to providing long-lasting lubrication of moving parts protecting against a wide range of temperature, pressure, and thermal stability needs.

  • Anti-Seize lubricants
  • Synthetic Greases
  • Corrosion Release
  • Gear, Chain and Cable Lubricants

Structural Adhesives

Formulated for durability in a variety of applications, our structural adhesives meet a wide range of industrial bonding, sealing and assembly requirements.

  • Packaging options from hand-held syringes and bottles to 55 gallon pails
  • Proven effective with dissimilar substrates
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Effective for large gaps between parts

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