Henkel’s BONDERITE® LineguardX Optimizes Chemical Processing Systems

Quality control for the application of adhesive technologies is as critical as the quality of the adhesive itself to ensure the optimal outcome for automotive coatings. While plant managers and engineers do their best to strictly follow the proven quality measures for their manufacturing operations, unexpected variables can occur that disrupt a meticulously planned and executed coating application, leading to defects. 

When this occurs, data is analyzed once the defect is detected. Typically, the analysis takes place after-the-fact: after product is scrapped and downtime takes a negative toll on the company’s balance sheet. The ability to simultaneously analyze all relevant data from various manufacturing processes in different plant areas using a single platform would bring greater accuracy to the multivariate analysis that is critical for quality assurance.

To shift data analyses from reactive to proactive, Henkel is introducing its new BONDERITE® LineguardX cloud computing system. It offers the capability to monitor chemical processes and coating system controls with feedback if coating processes are trending out of control.

BONDERITE® LineguardX optimizes chemical processing systems by building on the technology tools that support today’s industrial internet of things (IIOT). It is designed to continuously collect data simultaneously from various manufacturing processes and plant areas to provide advanced chemical system monitoring and early warning of potential is+B14sues that can be corrected before costly deviations from specifications occur.

LineguardX is a game-changer that evaluates processes and quality control data. Inputs from equipment measurements, hand-entered laboratory tests and analytical results are monitored and analyzed automatically to detect the occurrence of trend violations, statistical variances and out-of-parameter specifications. LineguardX provides a proactive, highly efficient and cost-saving solution to the challenge of post-process analyses, where data was collected and then analyzed and charted to identify out-of-specification parameters. 

A unique data analysis tool, LineguardX optimizes coating systems controls to provide process improvements that include early warning for pending danger; reduced scrap rate; decreased downtime; increased quality; and enhanced customer appearance for the finished product. It helps customers manage quality issues that may include mapping problems, adhesion and blistering issues, corrosion defects of poor or over-film builds, rough surfaces, craters and no coats. Additionally, LineguardX  helps customers manage production issues including over-consumption and sludge, maintenance downtime and waste reduction.

LineguardX offers:

  • Quality Management: Improvements in product quality and compliance with specifications
  • Increased Connectivity: Access to machine data in real-time to reduce errors and increase traceability
  • Improved Productivity: Keeps process parameters under statistical control
  • Reduced Downtime: Critical messages or warnings are issued to indicate necessary system adjustments
  • Increased Efficiency: Predictive analytics and monitoring of multivariate analysis trends

Another critical LineguardX factor is Henkel’s support. Our team works directly with customers on-site during installation and deployment to customize LineguardX to their unique process control needs. After installation, Henkel’s team provides ongoing support, including data review, to optimize line processes to facilitate continuous improvement.

Henkel’s new BONDERITE® LineguardX cloud computing system is an effortless, all-in-one solution for optimizing chemical process systems for coatings applications in the automotive industry.

To learn more, join our launch webinar on May 14th at 10 am EST:

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