Impact, Abrasion and Chemical Resistant Rubber Repair Coating

Power Generation facilities face tough conditions day in and day out. Over a long period of time this can seriously damage your equipment and lead to even more cost. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a product which could prevent these conditions from ruining your equipment all together? Well, we may have a solution.

Henkel has created a product unique to the market. LOCTITE® PC 7383™ protects your equipment from long term, abrasive impact; in some cases this coating can help repair equipment which has faced high impact conditions. In order maintain any machines, and keep them lasting for a long period of time, it is important to use precautionary methods. Whether it be a mine, pulp, paper mill, oil and gas refinery, or power generation, this product can keep metals, rubbers and plastics safe. 

A few typical applications of LOCTITE® PC 7383™ are: Ball and SAG mills, chutes, slurry pumps, hoppers, elbows, centrifuges, hydro cyclones, or any metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces which experience high impact wear and abrasion. 

So how does this high performance, abrasion and impact resistant product work? The coatings are split into two parts, A and B. The first step is to mix these two parts together. After A and B are mixed, you will apply a scratch coat which will fill in the rough areas of the surface. All metals must be cleaned, dried and abraded. Rusts, salts and oils must be stripped from the surface since they can be detrimental to the adhesion process. After this, you will brush or trowel the surface and proceed to build layers of the product. The viscosity will increase over time; the LOCTITE®  team suggests building up about a quarter of an inch of product. The product requires 24 hours to cure at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but, if you are in a rush the product can be cured faster at a higher temperature. 

Typical products which may be used in conjunction with this product include: 

  1. LOCTITE® Etching Agent, which enhances the product’s bond to rubber.
  2. LOCTITE® SF 8220™ cleaner, which cleans and primes surfaces.
  3. TEROSON® 8519 P™, which can be used for metals and plastics. 

This product is an easy to apply, high abrasion and impact resistant coating. It cures at an ambient temperature and will not sag on a vertical surface. It is important to note that this product is black, and will need a primer, like the etching agent listed above, when applying to any rubber surface.

If you are interested in purchasing Loctite PC 7383, or learning more about the product, you can use this link.

DISCLAIMER: All claims made in this post should be tested at the discretion of the product purchaser.

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