Adhesives for Packaging Innovation

The importance adhesives play in protecting consumers

Packaging serves many different purposes for consumer goods.  Market data indicates the primary purpose of packaging is communicating value and product appeal. Often overlooked, packaging is vital to extending shelf life and assuring food safety. The rise in food waste and global food scarcity makes secure packaging even more critical. Additionally, as the industry strives for a more circular economy, it is important to consider the total value of packaging in reducing unnecessary waste. Brand owners and manufacturers need materials which can deliver safety and security for their products while still maintaining great shelf appeal. Packaging offers several benefits:

  • Assures freshness and food safety benefits
  • Provides protection in transit, especially with the rise of eCommerce
  • Serves as the face of consumer brands

Packaging Adhesives Offer Protection

Packaging provides value across the lifecycle of a product. It is the essential barrier between the contents and the outside environment, and it serves several functions of minimizing contact with light, oxygen and bacteria which can cause food born illness. This barrier also allows food products to last longer on retailers’ shelves and in consumers’ cabinets. Packaging adhesives play an important role in providing a longer shelf life. Adhesives and films are vital to the freshness of the contents, whether adhering layers in flexible packages or sealing the cartons. These materials maintain the barrier between the contents and environmental factors.

Packaging Adhesives Keep Products Secure in Transit

This is not the only place where packaging provides necessary protection before consumers use the contents. Packaging provides needed protection in transit. Damaged packages deter customers from purchasing because the perception is something is wrong with the contents. While the product inside may still be fresh and safe, the appearance turns off the buyer resulting in loss of sale. This is often more critical with the increased complexity of supply chains. The rise of eCommerce has increased the number of handlers from the manufacturer through distribution before it delivered to consumers. Selecting the right adhesive is critical to maintaining a strong bond in transit.  Coated and challenging board stocks as well as extreme heat or cold in transit can result in weaker bonds prone to popping open. High performance adhesives make packaging goods a breeze with robust adhesion and operating windows, allowing brand owners to focus attention on more important items. Henkel’s technical team understands these challenges and can recommend adhesive solutions.

Packaging Adhesives Support Brands

Packaging is the face of each brand. Whether it is the mascot on a cereal box or the nutrient labels on a drink, consumer packaging needs to convey quality. Brands traditionally use packaging to differentiate their products in the marketplace. The rise in packaging technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), smart labels offer a range of options for brand owners by assuring freshness of the contents and allowing consumers to engage and learn more about the products they purchase. The more informed and health-conscious consumers view packaging as a way to differentiate between brands and learn about the benefits or different products. 

Case and carton packaging offers valuable real estate to communicate product and brand value.  As consumers become more focused on healthy living and the age of the internet gives consumers more access to information, creative packaging is vital to standing out on the shelves.  Whether it be cartons or product labels, these are your billboards on a retailer’s shelf.  Packaging adhesives are critical to holding packaging together and keeping product messages front and center.

Packaging Adhesives Deliver Value

Quality hot melt adhesives allow brands to do more with packaging. Adhesives offer flexibility for packaging operation over other sealing alternatives.  A small amount of adhesive goes a long way. Packaging adhesive uses less material, generates less waste, and minimizes line stoppages. Henkel’s versatile portfolio of TECHNOMELT hot melts will keep packaging intact under a range of temperatures.


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