The new LOCTITE 518 Pen is a leak-fighting flange sealant with an easy to apply roll-on applicator. It’s the fastest way to apply reliable and long-lasting liquid gaskets, without any mess or waste.

Use LOCTITE 518 to:

  • Fill gaps and voids to prevent leaks
  • Reduce inventory— one package for any size or shape gasket needed
  • Prevent corrosion for easy disassembly 

Get a LOCTITE 518 Pen—and start seeing the benefits of liquid gaskets on your next project. 

Image of LOCTITE 518 Pen


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Please fill out the information below to see if you qualify for a free LOCTITE 518 Pen. One free 518 Pen per person, per company. For industrial use only. We may contact you to verify your information. Thank you for your interest!