How are Henkel products making a difference in the recreational vehicle industry? It starts with the reduced manufacturing costs that result when companies switch from metal fasteners to adhesives. The RVs look better without all those rivets, screws and welds, and our durable bonding solutions also reduce noise and vibration for a smoother ride.

The Benefits of Structural Bonding and Composite Lamination

Your recreational vehicle customers expect their homes away from home to be attractive on the outside and comfortable inside. Getting there starts during assembly, when components are bonded together and expected to remain that way throughout the lifespan of the vehicle.

Solutions for Frames

Seam Sealing Frame

Bonding Floor to Frame

Bonding Skin to Frame

Solutions for Trim

Bonding and Sealing Panel Trim

Bonding and Sealing Roof Trim

Bonding and Sealing Door Trim

Solutions for Skins

Seam Sealing Skins

Bonding and Sealing Nose to Skins

Seam Sealing Door Skin

Seam Sealing Roof Skin

Bonding and Sealing Roof Skin

Bonding Diamond Plate to Skin

Bonding Skin to Door Frame

Other Solutions

Bonding Internal Brackets

Threadlocking Hardware

Solutions That Enhance Productivity

Additional uses for adhesives and sealants:

  • DGX window glazing
  • Threadlocking bolts and fittings to prevent vibration loosening
  • Directly bonding windows to structure

World’s First Fully Bonded Caravan Is Stronger, Lighter and Drier

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