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Manufacturers of rail equipment face daily challenges – reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing innovation, to name just a few. While there are many adhesive suppliers to choose from, they’re not all created equal. You need a supplier with a broad product portfolio, a global footprint, and the engineering and application know-how to solve your challenges. You also need a partner who can help you maintain your high quality while developing advanced new products.

Henkel, the leading solutions provider for adhesives, sealants and surface treatment solutions worldwide, offers much more than quality adhesives. With our history and experience in the industry, our experts can help you find ways to optimize your manufacturing processes and drive down costs. We can help you reduce weight, increase durability and enhance the reliability of your equipment. We’re continually developing innovations to help you succeed in the future.

  • Options for new designs and innovate materials
  • New Products with upgraded Health and Safety
  • Impact and vibration resistant – the bond will endure
  • Solutions to improve durability
  • Solutions for light-weighting vehicle
  • Solutions to improve vehicle appearance


Machinery Adhesives

Threadlocking, Threadsealing, Retaining, Gasketing, Lubricating and Repairing with LOCTITE® Products

Henkel’s LOCTITE® brand offers an extensive line of high performance adhesives, sealants, and dispensing/curing systems – all available from a single supplier. LOCTITE® products are used to build everything from automobiles to dishwashers to tractors – and the trains that deliver them. LOCTITE® products help make these machines and sub-assemblies less expensive, more reliable and longer lasting.

Many LOCTITE® products are already specified in production by the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers in every industry and every region around the world. Whatever your adhesive or sealant needs may be – threadlocking, thread sealing, retaining, gasketing, lubricating or repairing – chances are LOCTITE® has the product solution that is right for your application and budget. In addition, Henkel provides research and development, unmatched customer service, expert technical support, professional product training and outstanding field sales assistance.

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