Our experts can help you find ways to optimize your manufacturing processes and drive down costs. We can help you reduce weight, increase durability and enhance the reliability of your equipment. And we’re continually developing innovations to help you succeed in the future. Henkel is more than just a supplier – our partnership with customers sets us apart. We have the expertise and ability to work with you from the R&D stage through the entire manufacturing process.

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Powder and E-Coat Compatible Seam Sealant 
for Agriculture and Construction Equipment

Loctite® EA 3501™ HT is a high temperature, high performance epoxy seam sealant that offers excellent adhesion to primed or bare, oily metals.

This grey sealant maintains its flexibility, adhesion and color after exposure to paint bake processes up to 225ºC, and is ideal for use on a range of outdoor power and heavy equipment vehicles including agricultural, construction, utility, marine and leisure, as well as work trucks and trailers. 

LOCTITE® EA 3501™ HT compared to traditional seam sealants

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Seal, Bond and Protect Flanged, Threaded and Cylindrical Assemblies

Henkel’s wide range of LOCTITE® threadlocking, thread sealing, gasketing and retaining products help manufacturers increase reliability and reduce downtime. Our innovative, reliably engineered adhesives replace mechanical locking and sealing methods, prevent loosening from vibration, strengthen the assembly, and protect against leaks and corrosion.

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