Our experts can help you find ways to optimize your farm equipment assembly and manufacturing processes and drive down costs. In this way, Henkel is continually developing innovations to help you succeed in the future. We can help you reduce weight, increase durability, and enhance the reliability of your equipment.

However, Henkel is more than just a machinery adhesives supplier – our partnership with customers sets us apart. We have the expertise and ability to work with you from the R&D stage through the entire farm equipment assembly and manufacturing process.

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Heavy Equipment Solutions

Henkel’s solutions to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) were originally designed for automotive vehicle cabins and are now used in agricultural and construction equipment manufacturing. Our TEROSON® brand NVH solutions and LOCTITE® brand of machinery adhesives and sealants help enhance material properties and minimize audible noises.

Solutions for Metal Pretreatment

Henkel offers a full range of metal pretreatment solutions to reduce process steps, improve efficiency, and increase cost savings. Our solutions will help you achieve enhanced paint adhesion and corrosion protection with less energy and water consumption, less wastewater, and more environmentally conscious formulas.

BONDERITE® cleaners help to increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and simplify your daily business processes. BONDERITE® metal pretreatments and conversion coatings set a high standard for corrosion protection and paint adhesion. These high performance, sustainable products can help improve your process reliability and are available in multiple options for dip or spray applications. BONDERITE® coating processes deliver anti-corrosion, friction reduction, and improved heat resistance benefits while offering several environmental benefits.

Faster and Lower-Cost Assembly

From structural bonding to seam sealing and window glazing, we provide a complete range of technologies that allow you to reduce or replace traditional mechanical fastening and sealing methods in a variety of assembly applications.

Designed to prevent leakage, our robust seam sealants work effectively on metals, plastics, and composites, and can be applied during any phase of vehicle or component assembly. Our current seam sealant technologies include products that are paintable and resistant to the high heat of paint cure processes. They can be applied to:

  • Products engineered to adhere to bare oily metals in the body shop
  • Painted components in the paint and trim shop
  • Products designed to endure high temperature e-coat/powder coat lines
  • Room temperature cure applications exposed to direct sun, elements, and weather

Bonding and Sealing Windscreens / Window Glazing

Pumpable high strength elastomers for bonding and sealing vehicle windscreens

Primarily designed to bond windscreens to vehicle cabins, our wide range of window glazing adhesives simplify and improve assembly process while improving torsional stiffness and vehicle safety. Based on the substrates and desired drive-away time, Henkel offers a variety of engineered products and primers that provide exceptional performance. These include products formulated to provide primerless adhesion and instant fixturing to products with controlled and uniform curing.

Weld and Fastener Reduction / Structural Bonding

For use between flexible sheet metals, rigid castings/extrusions, and/or composite/plastic materials

Structural and elastic bonding adhesives have been used in the automotive and aerospace industry for decades. The benefits of design versatility, even stress distribution, and robust long-term performance compared to traditional assembly methods are now being applied to the agricultural and construction equipment industries. Primarily designed to replace welds, rivets, and other mechanical fasteners in the body, paint, or trim shops, our wide range of high strength structural and elastic machinery adhesives/elastomeric adhesives simplify and improve the design and assembly processes while improving aesthetics, performance, and processing costs.

Product Solutions for Heavy Equipment Assembly

Henkel’s wide range of LOCTITE® threadlockers, thread sealing, gasketing, and retaining products help manufacturers increase reliability and reduce downtime during farm equipment assembly. Our innovative, reliably engineered machinery adhesives replace mechanical locking and sealing methods, prevent loosening from vibration, strengthen the assembly, and protect against leaks and corrosion.


LOCTITE® threadlockers dramatically increase the reliability of threaded assemblies. Available as liquid and semi-solid adhesives, LOCTITE® threadlockers are applied to the threads of a fastener and cure to a hard-thermoset plastic when applied between metal surfaces. They cure in the absence of air and completely fill the gaps between mating threads to lock and seal threads and joints.

Learn more about LOCTITE® Threadlockers

Thread Sealing

LOCTITE® anaerobic thread sealants prevent leakage of gases and liquids and are available in liquid and semi-solid adhesive form or as thread sealing cord. Designed for low pressure and high-pressure applications, they fill the space between threaded parts and provide an instant, low pressure seal. When fully cured, they seal to the burst strength of most pipe systems.

Learn more about LOCTITE® Thread Sealants


LOCTITE® gasketing products are self-forming gaskets that provide a perfect seal between components, with maximum face-to-face contact, reducing flange face corrosion. They form a low-pressure seal immediately on assembly and fully cure in 24 hours, providing a joint that will not shrink, crack, or relax. They are available as anaerobic products for rigid flanges and silicone products for flexible flanges.

Learn more about LOCTITE® Liquid Gaskets


LOCTITE® anaerobic retaining compounds secure bearings, bushings, and cylindrical parts into housings or onto shafts. They achieve maximum load transmission capability and uniform stress distribution and eliminate fretting corrosion. Applied as a liquid or semi-solid, they form a 100% contact between mating metal surfaces, eliminating the need for expensive replacement parts, time consuming machining, or the use of mechanical methods.

Learn more about LOCTITE® Retaining Compounds

Dependable Equipment, High-Quality Services

Henkel provides a complete line of rugged and dependable application and cure equipment for all of our products as well as supporting services. Our engineering services range from design and product development to simulated testing of the manufacturing process and dispensing trials. In a design through-assembly partnership, no one adds value like Henkel.

Further Resources

For more information about Henkel’s Heavy Machinery materials and solutions, download the following PDFs.

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