Sports Shoes

Innovative and sustainable adhesive solutions for the sports shoe manufacturing industry

Sustainability challenges are not only confined to the playing field. The lifecycle begins with raw material and manufacturing. We provide a full portfolio of green solutions for sport shoe manufacturers for cleaning, priming, stock-fitting and assembly, driving green and efficient manufacturing for the industry.

Discover how we can enable and accelerate your sustainable ambition from product, process, and performance

Currently, the sports shoe manufacturing industry is in a state of transformation and facing two significant challenges: demand for greener production processes, along with rising labor costs. Henkel’s expertise in automation and process simplification for the footwear industry can bring shoe production into a next level. Contact us and find out how Henkel solutions may help to enhance your production efficiency!

Solutions for Sport Shoe Assembly

Building on our experience in automation in other industries, the team is actively partnering with customers who want to drive this trend in shoe manufacturing. From the running shoe sole material to the cushioning foam and outer textiles, Henkel’s athletic shoe adhesive solutions are designed to provide high quality results. By combining our chemical and equipment expertise, we enable sports shoe manufacturers to increase productivity and thereby create a long-lasting competitive advantage.

What's Your Sports Shoe Application?

Get an overview on Henkel’s adhesive solutions, including adhesives for intimates, dress shoes and sandals, sports shoes, PVC rafts and boat manufacturing, handbags, and balls, and learn how we can support your manufacturing process.

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