Some challenges in sports don’t happen on the playing field or on the track: They also happen before the game even begins, during the manufacturing of sports shoes! The industry is currently in a state of transformation and facing two significant challenges: speed & cost. Learn how Henkel's adhesive solutions can support your shoe manufacturing process.

We are leading with high-impact solutions, created with consumers in mind. Partner with us to [be more] efficient!

Shoe production should be as fast as she is. Discover how our experience in automation and our innovative solutions for the footwear industry can bring speed to your manufacturing processes. 

We understand the changing market dynamics driven by consumer trends, and we put this knowledge into every innovative solution we develop. Our high-impact solutions are created with consumers in mind – how can our adhesives experts help you to [be more] for your customers?

Speed up Your Manufacturing

The trend of fast fashion means that brand owners must speed up delivery times while reducing the cycle time from manufacturing to the store shelf. Not only that: Consumer trends are shifting towards individualized products, like personalized sports shoes - consumers want shoes that fit their exact athletic requirements.

Manufacturing Efficiency

Economic situations in traditional low-cost regions are in state of constant flux. Combined with increasing raw material costs and labor shortages, manufacturers must look for ways to be both more efficient and cost conscious. Contact us and find out how Henkel solutions may help to enhance your production efficiency.

Solutions for every application in shoe assembly

Building on our experience in automation in other industries, the team is actively partnering with customers who want to drive this trend in shoe manufacturing. By combining our chemical and equipment expertise, we enable shoe manufacturers to bring forward productivity increases and thereby create a long-lasting competitive advantage.

What's your sports shoe application?

Get an overview on Henkel's adhesive solutions for sport shoes, vulcanized shoes and ball manufacturing and learn how we can support your manufacturing process!

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