It all started with the concept of athleisure – clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities worn in other settings. Then came the advent of sports fashion, blurring the lines between style and convenience. Now there is practically no gap between fashion and sports clothes. And in the end, all fashionable activewear has to be created through a reliable manufacturing process. Learn how Henkel's adhesive solutions can support your fashion designs and booming athleisure trend.

We are leading with high-impact solutions, created with consumers in mind. Partner with us to [be more] differentiated!

For her, it’s not just a purse – it’s also a statement. Discover how our innovative adhesive solutions for bag manufacturing can make your products stand out from the crowd. 

We understand the changing market dynamics driven by consumer trends, and we put this knowledge into every innovative solution we develop. Our high-impact solutions are created with consumers in mind – how can our adhesives experts help you to [be more] for your customers?

Adhesive Technologies in the Game

In June and July 2018, the lives of millions of people around the world will turn to soccer. Over 100 years ago, a leather ball was all you needed to play. Today a big event like the World Championships in Russia would be unthinkable without modern technology.

Ensure Comfort and Functionality with Customization

Nowadays dressing in athleisure clothes with comfort and functionality for daily occasions is considered the coolest thing in the world. So it’s no wonder that consumers are so deeply infatuated with active wear.

What's your application?

Get an overview on Henkel's adhesive solutions for dress shoes, bag manufacturing and boat manufacturing and learn how we can support your manufacturing process!

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