Henkel is committed to a future that harnesses the capability of renewable energy and leverages viable alternatives to conventional power sources. This dedication is what has driven our development of some of the most innovative and enabling materials and has helped bring to market new solar architectures that are driving improved system performance at lower cost per watt.

As the market-leading innovator of electrically conductive adhesives and low temperature conductive pastes, Henkel is facilitating the manufacture of next-generation solar technologies at the lowest delivered cost. Henkel’s LOCTITE® brand offers a diverse portfolio of solar panel conductive and non-conductive adhesives and sealants, that deliver high performance while meeting our customers’ precise requirements and specifications.  

Helping solar specialists deliver profitable results is at the core of Henkel’s development efforts, as our customers’ profitability is critical for the future of PV. Our product portfolio is developed to enable new designs and technologies that allow our customers produce cutting-edge solar products.

Solar Panel Materials

For well over 20 years, Henkel has led in the development of solar panel adhesives, and sealants with deep, broad material knowledge and earning clear global market share leadership for these enabling materials. Our pastes and adhesives for photovoltaic applications in solar panel construction enable innovative product designs. Our technical expertise in material science and chemistry has resulted in the most comprehensive toolbox for the next generation of solar cell and module designs that are more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.


Benefits of Using Henkel’s Material Solutions:

  • A comprehensive selection of silicone, epoxy, acrylate, and hybrid solutions to suit our customers unique module and cell designs
  • Complete portfolio of application methods that meet all the current needs of high volume production, for example, 250+ mm/sec application speeds, stencil print, screen print, needle dispense, auger dispense, and jet dispense systems
  • Suite of curing mechanisms are tailored to align with your desired production line design, minimize stress, CAPEX cost, cycle time, and floor space
  • Customized flexibility, adhesion, substrate compatibility, processing, and cure mechanisms for any design need
  • Uptime and reliability by design: LOCTITE® Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECA) deliver the lowest production costs and, thus, best in class levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) by leveraging our vast experience in high volume and low cost ECA design, global manufacturing footprint, product quality and performance.

Solar Panel Adhesives

Solar panel adhesives provide resistance against environmental conditions while reducing stress on components and lowering assembly time. Henkel offers three main types of solar panel adhesives: acrylates, epoxy, and silicone-based electrically conductive adhesives

Our global engineering staff offers expertise in selecting and customizing the optimized electrically conductive adhesive solutions for any cell, module, or production line design. We understand the chemistry nuances of multiple platforms including acrylates, epoxies, silicones, bismaleimides, and hybrids, and leverage this expansive knowledge base to help our customers succeed in design and on the production line. As the electrically conductive adhesive experts, we are your engineering partner to ensure design, cost, and production are fully optimized.

Solar Panel Sealants and Potting Materials

It is important that solar panels are properly sealed to protect against water and other environmental elements that could damage the electrical components. Sealing solar panels with silicone sealants and potting materials provides effective protection while improving mechanical strength. 

Mechanical shock and vibration resistances is another reason to use sealants and potting materials during solar panel construction. These features along with fast fixture times and reliable performance help to improve efficiency during production and assembly.

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