Incontinence products are designed for different needs, each with varying capacities and sizes. Security and odor are key considerations for consumers. Fit follows closely behind quality. The increased active lifestyle of older adults dictates the need for streamlined products, which move with the body. Hot melt adhesives are designed to meet the production challenges for adult incontinence products. They withstand the absorbency demands and core construction needs for the products.

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® ADVANCE line offers adhesives products and materials that are suited for the demands of adult diaper construction. No matter what type of adhesive solution you are looking for, our adhesives experts are able to develop high-quality materials and adhesives that are ideal for a number of adult diapers applications.

Key requirements for adult diapers:

  • Absorbency
  • Design
  • Thickness
  • Performance

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Adult Incontinence Products vs. Baby Diapers

In comparison to baby diapers, adult diapers typically are much more absorbent. They have a greater thickness and include a waistband to allow for multiple sizes. These products are also designed for longer wear times.

  Adult Incontinence Baby Diapers


Very high



Options for a proper fit - waistbands

Usually designed to fit a range of sizes – front tabs





Used at a medium rate; adults stay in the diaper for a longer period of time

Used at a high rate; babies stay in the diaper for a shorter period of time

Henkel developed a line of TECHNOMELT® adhesives are used to stabilize the core, offering security in use.  Another element is the stretch panels which require flexibility to move with the substrate. Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® adhesives guarantee a long-lasting solid bond for both applications. 

The products offer:

  • High shear strength
  • High heat and cold resistance
  • Excellent aging stability
  • Excellent wet-strength
  • Improved fluid handling
  • Guaranteed discretion

Innovation for Adult Incontinence Production

Automation on the production line and Industry 4.0 technology has evolved over the last several years in personal hygiene production. Henkel is at the forefront of material developments in these areas, including:

Easyflow® – increase the efficiency of your manufacturing operations using hot melt adhesives with our Easyflow program. Our Easyflow® production line solutions help increase reduce production costs and improve overall quality across many different applications including the manufacture of adult incontinence products. Visit our Easyflow® services page to find out more.

Smart Healthcare Solutions for Adult Incontinence - There is a growing demand for smart hygiene solutions to support caregivers. These smart solutions improve daily hygiene routines. Printed electronics can be used to create a moisture sensor on thin and flexible materials. Henkel’s portfolio of adhesives solutions and conductive inks enable the introduction of smart solutions for the hygiene industry worldwide. Henkel leading portfolio of adhesives and inks are tailored for high production speeds while matching your product safety and odor requirements.

Adhesive Troubleshooting Adult Incontinence Production

Along with absorbency and comfort, durability and strong bonds are necessary when it comes to adult incontinence products. For this reason, personal hygiene manufacturers rely on hot melt adhesives. However, these adhesives can create challenges during manufacturing, such as overspray, poor coverage, bleed through, and poor intermittent performance. With many years of adhesive experience, Henkel offers a range of troubleshooting tips to help prevent and avoid these issues and improve manufacturing processes.

Spray Adhesives

Heat, time, and oxidation are factors that can cause issues with spray adhesive technology. These can also cause other issues that can lead to production delays and downtimes. For this reason, Henkel has developed a list of spray adhesive troubleshooting tips to improve production efficiency and avoid quality control issues such as overspray and poor coverage. Our tips will help establish baseline settings and to then further fine-tune each application to reach optimal performance levels.

Slot Coating Adhesives

Slot coating adhesive application relies on direct contact between the hot melt applicator nozzle and the substrate. To maximize the machine uptime, it is necessary to understand the unique process requirements associated with slot coating equipment. Some common challenges are poor coverage, bleed-through, nozzle damage or build-up, and position of the applicator to the substrate. These issues can be related to either incorrect process settings, poor equipment maintenance, substrate changes, or some combination of these variables.


Thanks to fast curing time, hot melt adhesives are the ideal choice for fast paced packaging applications. However, char can begin to form when the material is exposed to high heat, contaminants or oxidation, which can lead to clogged hoses, filters, and nozzles. Preventing char is vital in preventing unexpected delays and costly repairs to hotmelt equipment.

Set Back Mode

Hot melt adhesives can start to degrade or discolor over time, especially when exposed to heat for too long. However, this can be avoided by implementing tank setback mode. Additional benefits include reducing wait times due to reheating or cooling the hot melt adhesive material.

Hot Melt Tank Refilling

Preventing overfilling or underfilling hot melt tanks will help keep the material in the tank a consistent temperature. By following a set of best practices and creating a tank filling routine will help prevent char from forming, as well as preventing a number of issues that can cause production delays.

Hot Melt Safety

Implementing proper safety protocols and performing routine maintenance can lower workplace accidents and injuries. For this reason, we have developed a list of safety best practices that you can follow to protect hot melt equipment operators against injury and reduce unexpected delays during production assemblies.

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