Providing safe and compliant paper straws through Henkel’s ´Triple Safety Concept”

Proud founding member of the Charter of Trust for Paper Drinking Straws

Henkel is a proud founding member of the Charter of Trust for Paper Drinking Straws, an initiative developed by 360° Foodservice and signed by 15 companies from the Paper straw supply chain. This initiative identifies and consolidates all applicable EU food safety regulations for paper straws. 

As a signee, we are committed to comply with all relevant food contact requirements, protecting our customers and assuring the safety and compliance of our paper straw adhesives during their development process, production and in the final product.

Safe and compliant paper straws – ensured by a ´Triple Safety Concept´ 

Henkel’s AQUENCE ST adhesives are produced with consumers in mind as they meet the highest and safest standards that allow the production of functional and sustainable paper straws.

Ensuring food safety in all packaging operations is one of Henkel’s priorities, that is why we have implemented our ´Triple Safety Concept´ in which paper straw adhesives undergo three different assessments:

  • Regulatory assessment
    We monitor national and international food safety regulations and make sure that they get translated into internal processes and standards.

  • Analytical assessment
    We conduct in-house migration testing, NIAS (non-intentionally added substances) screening and prove the absence of substances of concern.

  • Toxicological assessment
    We risk-assess possible migrants for paper straws to ensure that there is no health risk for the consumer.


Helping partners comply with regulations

Bringing food-safe and sustainable packaging solutions to customers can only be achieved in collaboration with the entire value chain and our Charter of Trust compliance Trustmark, shows our customers that we go the extra mile. We can help our global partners to meet these safety and regulatory standards.

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