Corrugated board is versatile. It can bring fresh-picked fruit from farms, display new products in eye-catching ways and protect objects with sentimental value. Consumers expect the best when packing up their homes, buying new electronics or looking at point-of-purchase displays. Corrugated board manufacturers know the best materials make the best boxes - additives, laminating adhesives and liquid borax help deliver an exceptional box.

Corrugated manufacturers are experts at sustainable merchandising displays, graphic packaging, packaging and fulfillment for CPG companies and retailers. They need partners to help deliver quality and innovation. Henkel corrugating adhesives are formulated to application-specific criteria to assure optimal throughput, exceptional finished board quality and reduced total cost-in-use. We offer high-grade solutions for the corrugated board industry. Our solutions offer:

  • High wet tack
  • Precision gluing
  • Engineered for glue detection
  • Reliable bonding
  • Fast setting speed
  • Water resistant
  • Easy cleaning

Corrugated Cardboard Applications

Overview: Liquid Borax

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