Consumer Goods Packaging

Packaging adhesives designed to meet consumer demands for safe and sustainable options

The consumer goods industry continues to experience dramatic changes over the last several years. From consumer demands for more sustainable packaging options to the rise in eCommerce, fast-moving consumer goods companies are seeking ways to improve their packaging to assure the safety and security of consumers, as well as the environment. Consumer goods packaging covers a wide breadth of products. Items can range from electronic devices, household appliances and toys to food and beverage products and health and beauty items. Packaging is acritical element in trade of goods; from manufacturing to delivery, packaging is what keeps the product safe from damage and spoiling from outside forces.

Consumer Packaging Trends

Packaging serves multiple purposes in consumer goods. From eye-catching designs to encourage purchase to conveying product information, the package is critical to the overall brand. Improved functionality and convenience are important to consumers. Brand owners design their packaging to meet these needs while keeping in mind product freshness, sustainable solutions and the elimination of single-use plastics, and food safety. Henkel’s adhesives are designed to support key consumer packaging trends:

Sustainability: The increased demand for more sustainable packaging materials continues to drive change with brand owners. Consumer goods manufacturers are focusing on sustainable packaging options to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of their products. Introducing bio-based adhesives along with placing more emphasis on life cycle assessments of packaging are a few of the ways adhesives help reduce the carbon footprint of a package and achieving carbon neutrality.

Food safety: Food safe packaging material regulations are an important topic. Understanding how global regulations extend to adhesives and functional coatings is important. Manufacturers are seeking options to keep products safe and assure quality. Navigating these packaging needs, manufacturers are partnering with suppliers who deliver solutions to support their consumer-centric agenda. Henkel’s food safe packaging adhesives, including adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings, play a key role in beverage and container labelingend-of-line packaging, and metal packaging. These products are manufactured in FSSC 22000 certified facilities.

New purchasing methods: the rise in eCommerce and direct-to-consumer purchasing methods impacts the packaging design. Brand owners are seeking package designs with little waste; anti-viral, eco-friendly materials customers feel good about receiving; machine-ready containers to improve shipping. Adhesives are designed to support all of these elements and help manufacturers meet increasing product demands.

Learn about the range of consumer packaging solutions Henkel can support.

Consumer Good Packaging Applications

Consumer goods products come in a range of containers from boxes, bags and pouches to bottles and cans. Each one has a different need along with the labeling required to make it appealing on the shelf or get it to the correct destination. Henkel’s hot melt adhesives are designed for the demands of end-of-line packaging, beverage and container labeling, folding cartons and metal packaging applications. These adhesives are designed to perform in extreme environmental conditions – freezing temperatures to high heat environments – while still holding their bond.

TECHNOMELT® adhesives support streamlined manufacturing and end-product protection for fast-moving consumer goods companies. Henkel’s water-based adhesives are ideal for labeling applications on glass, plastic, and metal substrates. AQUENCE® adhesives are a good choice for adhering porous substrates like paper, cardboard, and some plastics.

For flexible packaging applications, our range of food safe LOCTITE® adhesives meet the high-performance demands, by extending product shelf-life and offering excellent temperature resistance. Henkel’s consumer goods adhesives are suitable for a range of flexible packaging applications, from drinks and snacks to sterilized foods and more.

Using our adhesives in consumer goods packaging applications allows delivers sustainable options, esthetically pleasing designs, and the highest levels of food safety.

Consumer Goods Packaging Products

Consumer goods manufacturers are focused on efficiency in their production lines. Avoiding downtime is critical to meet demand. Protecting the product and delivering it safely to the consumer drives  Henkel product development and innovation. We understand the changing market dynamics driven by consumer trends, and we put this knowledge into every solution we develop.

Our product portfolio for consumer goods packaging materials includes adhesives and coatings as well as industrial cleaners to keep production moving. Our packaging solutions are designed to reduce single-use plastics, improve freshness, protect consumers, and increase production efficiency.

Adhesives for Packaging

As a leader in developing sustainable and innovative adhesives for consumer goods packaging, Henkel’s products are focused on:

  • Protecting consumers – Henkel supports the entire value chain by sharing extensive knowledge surrounding food safe packaging materials and continuing to develop innovative and sustainable products to meet consumer needs.
  • Offering alternatives to improve sustainability – from selecting different raw materials to performing a life cycle assessment, packaging design involves a range of activities to support sustainability targets for packaging design.
  • Delivering options to improve efficiency – whether for beverage and container labelingend-of-line packaging, or metal packaging applications, Henkel’s portfolio of consumer goods packaging adhesives offer high performance solutions. 

Coatings for Packaging

Henkel’s innovative food safe coatings improve recyclability and allow for new and creative packaging designs for flexible packaging as well as paper packaging while still offering secure protection for the food contents inside. Our range of sealable paper coatings offer excellent machinability, while also offering improved paper flexibility and repulpability, and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Adhesive Cleaners for Packaging

Routine maintenance and care are important factors to keep production lines running efficiently. Henkel offers a range of industrial cleaners that increase equipment efficiency, longevity, and safety.

Troubleshooting Consumer Goods Packaging Adhesives

Eliminating issues on the packaging line improves manufacturing efficiency and prevents costly delays. Understanding what causes common issues such as plugged nozzles and bonding failures and how to prevent larger issues can prevent unnecessary downtimes and increase package quality.

Pop Opens

Pop opens are a common packaging challenge with many possible causes. For this reason, our experts have created a pop open troubleshooting guide to help determine exactly what is causing the pop opens to happen so you can fix the issue and prevent production downtimes.


When hot melt adhesives start stringing, thin strands of material are left behind after not properly separating from the applicator nozzle during application. This not only leaves messy looking seals on the packages but can also cause additional issues along the production line. There are several troubleshooting steps that can help prevent stringing, such as lowering the distance between the nozzle and the package or changing the nozzle type. 

Henkel has also developed troubleshooting advice for common issues with water-based adhesives. These include challenges such as:

  • Slinging, Throwing or Splashing
  • Uneven Coat Weights
  • Voids and Skips in the Pattern
  • Tailing or Satelliting
  • Adhesive Temperature Fluctuations


Preventing hot melt char reduces material waste and prevents delays. Char can begin to form when it when the hot melt adhesive has been heated in the tank for too long or kept at a temperature that is too high and will cause the adhesive to discolor, as well as clog filters, nozzles and hoses.

Tank Pressure

Properly optimized tank pressure helps keep production lines running efficiently and without delays. Since the tank pressure, along with nozzles and application temperature, determines the flow and dispensing rate during production, it is important that the correct tank pressure is used to prevent application issues or adhesive build up that can lead to unexpected downtimes.

Tank Refilling

Keeping tanks refilled helps maintain a constant temperature for the adhesives and prevents char from beginning to form. Our experts recommend establishing a routine for hot melt tank refilling since it also helps ensure that the correct amount of adhesive is applied to each package, so products arrive safely at their destination.

Nozzle Size

Depending on the application requirements, different nozzles sizes can improve both precision and production line speed. Our guide offers helpful tips for selecting the optimal size nozzle in order to have the correct flow and dispensing amount.

Water-Based Adhesive Troubleshooting

Henkel has also developed troubleshooting advice for common issues with water-based adhesives. These include challenges such as:

  • Slinging, Throwing or Splashing
  • Uneven Coat Weights
  • Voids and Skips in the Pattern
  • Tailing or Satelliting
  • Adhesive Temperature Fluctuations

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