E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

Full Range of Adhesives and Coatings for Efficient, Reliable and Sustainable E-Commerce Packaging

Your Global Adhesives and Coatings Partner for E-Commerce Packaging

E-commerce is booming and market research shows it will only continue to grow. Consumers want their products to arrive quickly and safely, while packaging converters and distributers compete to maximize production efficiency and ensure faster delivery. Increasing regulations, e-tailers’ packaging targets, as well as an increased consumer environmental awareness is driving demand for more sustainable packaging options. Are you prepared for the e-commerce boom?

Henkel is uniquely positioned to understand and meet e-commerce challenges thanks to our consumer brands, packaging experience and industrial adhesive business. This paired knowledge led us to the successful development of advanced adhesive and coating solutions for e-commerce packaging. Together, we can help you meet the moment and deliver your best. 

Henkel Adhesive and Coating Solutions for E-Commerce Packaging

Henkel’s wide range of adhesive and coating solutions for e-commerce packaging offers a variety of benefits for packaging manufacturers and converters as well as e-tailers and fulfillment centers, such as:

  • Tamper evidence of packaging through high fiber tear
  • Easy opening and re-closing of packaging
  • Last mile packaging damage protection through impact resistance and barrier functionality
  • Improved order processing efficiency at fulfillment centers
  • Hot melt and heat seal solutions for automated e-commerce packaging

Our ambition is to support you with our solutions and know-how so that you can always deliver your best.

Adhesives and Coatings for E-Commerce Packaging Manufacturers

Henkel is the right partner when it comes to the making of packages used in e-commerce. Our adhesives and coatings solutions are perfectly adapted to the stressful life of an e-commerce package. We enable packaging manufactures and converters to design their e-commerce packages with the required features such as moisture resistance or tamper evidence. 

Adhesives and Coatings for E-tailer and Fulfillment Centers

Filling and sealing of e-commerce packaging is a true challenge for e-tailers and fulfillment centers. Henkel offers a full range of adhesives and coatings for smooth integration in packaging automation processes with features such as box-on-demand / right-size packaging and space optimization / void fill reduction. Impact resistant and recyclable padded mailers facilitate a fast fulfillment processing.

Adhesive and Coating Solutions Covering the entire Value Chain of E-Commerce Packaging

Almost every product in the world can be sold online. This is why the landscape of packaging solutions for the e-commerce industry is so diverse. At Henkel, we look at every step of the e-commerce value chain and offer the right adhesive or coating for the challenges at hand. Our solutions serve the different stakeholders in the value chain and meet the necessary requirements such as easy and reliable processing, safe and secure transportation, sustainable logistics, and a great consumer experience:

  • E-tailer and fulfillment centers
  • Machine manufacturers for on-demand / automated e-commerce processes
  • Material and equipment manufacturers for e-commerce packaging

Compared to the classic retail business, the e-commerce process is significantly more complex and involves more steps in the value chain. Both the packaging and the ordered goods are more under higher risk to get damaged through increased handling. Henkel products can ensure quality and reliability at each step of the e-commerce journey, reducing the risk of package returns and increasing customer satisfaction. Our adhesive and coatings solutions are specifically designed to support low temperature, high volume fulfillment environments.

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