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BONDERITE® Electroceramics Coating is a patented plasma deposition with outstanding features designed to be applied to aluminium, magnesium and titanium.

The eco-friendly technology complies with RoHS and ELV and contains no heavy metals or chromium. 

By creating a ceramic layer that can vary from 3 to 50 μm in thickness, BONDERITE® ECC provides excellent corrosion protection, high resistance to chemicals and temperatures up to 1,100°C . This coating technology facilitates weight reduction for individual parts by using light metals instead of steel.

Application Areas

BONDERITE® Electroceramics Coating is a multi-functional coating based on titanium oxide that also functions as a final finish.

Electroceramics Coating increase the efficiency of many applications, reducing process costs and allowing customers to replace steel parts with lighter metals. ECC can be used on components made of aluminium, magnesium, titanium and related alloys in severe environments, e.g.:

  • Marine engines, exhaust parts, outboards.
  • Parts for automotive, heavy trucks and aerospace. 
  • Small engines, e.g. lawn or garden equipment.
  • Consumer electronics and cookware.
  • Architecture and outdoor furniture.

BONDERITE® Electroceramics Coating Processes

BONDERITE® Electroceramics Coating processes provide excellent corrosion, temperature and chemical resistance, while offering anti-abrasion properties. The improved characteristics include lower process costs, the option of replacing steel parts with aluminium and magnesium, and bring added value to the final component.


BONDERITE® ECC - MgC offers you strong benefits: 

  • Wide temperature range 
  • Can be used on Ti and all Al and Mg alloys
  • Improved performance on AI cast alloys
  • Potential for weight reduction by replacing steel with light metals
  • Excellent base for paint adhesion and bonding
  • Reduced process costs

Exceptional surface protection

  • High resistance to chemicals, temperature and corrosion
  • Temperature resistance up to 1,100°C
  • Layer thickness from 3 to 50 μm 

Reduced friction - improved wear

  • Low coefficient of friction in all conditions
  • High wear resistance in abrasive environments

Low environmental impact

  • Eco-friendly products
  • 100% free of heavy metals
  • RoHS and ELV-compliant
  • Reduced emissions in combustion engines

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