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BONDERITE® - Industrial and Maintenance Cleaners

In 1959 Dr. Herbert Sinner, head chemist of the Henkel detergent department, defined four main parameters of surface cleaning operations: Chemicals, mechanical impact, temperature and time. This concept is the Sinner Circle.

BONDERITE® industrial and maintenance cleaners are designed using this concept and represent the highest efficiency and sustainability in industrial cleaning. Thanks to a wide range of alkaline, neutraland acid cleaners, plus our field and laboratory service around the globe, you can be sure of the perfect solution for your industrial and maintenance cleaning needs.

Industrial Cleaning: Parts cleaning

Industrial parts cleaning is often the first step in a multi-stage surface treatment process. This can take place in a wide variety of production processes from engine manufacturing to household appliances and everything in between. Cleaning here is mainly intended to remove unwanted materials from a preceding production step before moving on to the next one. Think of the removal of dust, metal particles or lubricants coming from mechanical work, such as honing, cutting and drilling.

Industrial Cleaning: Metal Pre-treatment Processes

Metal pre-treatment cleaning is a preparation for subsequent surface treatments, like conversion coating or a paint job, by removing protective oils or oxides. This cleaning step is crucial for the overall performance of the production process and the corrosion resistance of the product. Therefore, maintaining the cleaning system in an operational and effective state is essential. Due to the high interdependability of pre-treatment stages, regular analysis of concentration and contamination in tanks and sprayers is mandatory. Adjustment to changing parameters is an essential part of our service.

Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning guarantees the technical functionality of existing production facilities like power plants and oil refineries, but also vehicles and other machines. This includes cleaning heat exchangers, filters, pipes, engines and pumps, but also cleaning vehicle exteriors, interiors and floors, etc. The BONDERITE® portfolio offers a wide product range in each and every category mentioned above.

Benefits of BONDERITE® Surface Cleaning Processes

Henkel supplies a broad range of BONDERITE® cleaners that help metal processors increase efficiency and lower operating costs. BONDERITE® cleaners are simple and efficient to use while significantly improving users’ environmental sustainability. A complete range of alkaline, neutral and acidic cleaners ensure that there is a BONDERITE® product for every cleaning requirement in four main categories: Maintenance, process, industrial and speciality.

Key benefits:

  • Wide portfolio of alkaline, neutral and acidic cleaning products for all applications
  • Support from 90 years of Henkel experience helping customers optimise process and select the most appropriate products
  • New product development from Henkel keeps products and the leading edge of technology
  • Rigorous product testing in Henkel’s own R&D centres
  • High level product and process analysis ensuring that customers are always following best practice
  • Henkel service values shared throughout the organisation with customer service at their core

The Right Solution for Every Cleaning Need

BONDERITE® industrial and maintenance cleaners from Henkel represent the highest efficiency and sustainability in professional surface treatment. With an extensive portfolio, BONDERITE® offers the right solution for every surface cleaning process requirement.

Parts cleaning and metal pre-treatment cleaning:

Neutral, acidic and alkaline cleaners for spray and immersion for cleaning as a pre-treatment prior to subsequent surface treatments, as well as interoperational cleaners after cutting, grinding, drilling & honing.

Maintenance cleaners:                                                                                         

Degreasers, vehicle cleaners, descalers, graffiti removers, paint strippers, hand cleaners, floor cleaners, parts cleaners, high pressure cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, defoamers                          


Field tech service, laboratory analytical services, customer-specific product development

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