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BONDERITE®'s Smart Coating Solution

The BONDERITE® M-PP process use a chemical ‘auto-depositing’ method to build the thickness of the coating. BONDERITE® M-PP differs from electrodeposition and electrostatic application methods, because electrical current is not needed to attract pigment and resin to the components being treated.

This allows the application equipment and process control to be easier and less expensive. A unique feature of the process is that the coating is deposited only on metal surfaces leaving plastics and rubbers uncoated.

A Simpler, More Robust Process

BONDERITE® M-PP, patented, aqueous, organic coating process efficiently coats parts without the need for complicated and high maintenance equipment, such as anodes and rectifiers. The BONDERITE® M-PP process also has fewer process steps and so has a smaller footprint. The process is also able to uniformly coat both the inside and outside of complex assemblies, even those with tubular structures and narrow crevices.

The BONDERITE® M-PP coating process has an auto-deposition mechanism that uses the chemical reaction between water-based organic emulsions and ferrous surfaces to provide the coating, rather than electro-deposition. The process can be applied directly to clean ferrous metal surfaces without using any conditioner or phosphate pre-treatment.   

The technology is uniquely able to coat large volumes of densely racked or complex shaped metal parts uniformly with fewer process steps and controls.

Autophoretic Coating vs. E-coating

Our BONDERITE® M-PP advanced system for coating ferrous metals is significantly superior to traditional electro-coating processes providing users with benefits in coating quality, operational efficiency, environmental responsibility and cost.   

Making the switch from a conventional painting process to BONDERITE® M-PP technology can be done straight-forwardly with the capital investment being paid back quickly through greater operational efficiency and reduced energy costs. To help you change to this more efficient process our team will work with you to help you assess your current process, establish your key objectives and decide upon the necessary steps to make the change efficiently and with the minimum of disruption.

With BONDERITE® M-PP you can switch off the electricity, improve your coating efficiency and quality, expand production and help to look after the environment too.

Key features and benefits of BONDERITE® M-PP:

  • Professional assessment of current plant and objectives
  • Greater overall plant efficiency
  • Better quality finish
  • Fast pay back on new installation
  • Reduced power consumption when compared with electro coating
  • Environmentally sustainable

Simple, automated bath control

A simple, seven-step process with the minimum of process control parameters.  Only the replenisher, water and starter are required for the coating bath.

Improved corrosion performance on complex ferrous parts

BONDERITE® M-PP provides the best corrosion protection on the market especially in vulnerable areas such as where there are cavities or on sharp metal edges.

In Neutral Salt Spray test (NSS) the process resists corrosion for 1000 hours. It has excellent flexibility and can be used as a stand-alone system or as a primer before a top coat.

  • Best corrosion protection
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Best corrosion protection in cavities


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