Food Cans

Trusted for Safety and Sustainability

Food cans are a common sight in kitchens and pantries around the globe. Canned food provides convenient and affordable nutrition, while cans are also easy to store safely with a long shelf-life. Food cans also support the transition to a circular economy due to their infinite recyclability.

Henkel offers a comprehensive range of safe and sustainable innovations for metal food packaging that give can makers a powerful competitive advantage. This includes internal and external coatings, along with surface treatments, as well as water-based and solvent-based sealants that are proven to be safe for use in food packaging. Our global team of experts is always available to provide up-to-date insights into the latest regulations and trends in this dynamic and demanding market.

We also help customers to ensure the highest levels of safety through our Triple Safety approach. It supports risk reduction through regulatory assessments, analytical assessments and toxicological assessments. We also use our deep expertise to anticipate potential changes in the regulatory landscape – and develop innovations that customers can trust.