Aerosol Cans

Durable, Sustainable and Attractive Aerosols

With our sustainable innovations for manufacturing aerosol cans, Henkel supports customers in producing attractive and durable products. Our portfolio includes sealants, coatings and surface treatments that are specially designed to meet the unique needs of various types of aerosol can – including monobloc, two-piece and three-piece cans.

Specifically, Henkel offers cleaners for monobloc aerosol cans, as well as lubricants, cleaners and mobility enhancers for two-piece aerosol cans. Our portfolio of products for aerosols also includes water-based sealants for three-piece aerosol cans.

These technologies give aerosol packaging the robustness to withstand chemical attack from personal care and household products, while delivering bright aesthetics for attractive packaging. Our solutions also support sustainability by improving efficiency in the manufacturing process and extending the shelf-life of products. 

On top of this, experts from Henkel share their leading expertise to support customers in staying ahead of changing safety regulations. This makes it possible to achieve meaningful and measurable contributions to protecting people and the planet.