Henkel is a premier developer when it comes to smart solutions. With more than three decades of experience in metalworking, we continue to learn from workplaces like yours.

Challenges in the metalworking industries and innovative ideas by our experts were at the core when developing the BONDERITE L-MR cutting fluid range: We understand that bacterial contamination is a risk to workers and processes which calls for immediate action. Having to replace entire coolant baths regularly is a time commitment that also takes a toll on your company's efficiency and sustainability: It generates more waste and costly downtime from production.

Advantages of BONDERITE L-MR Cutting Fluids

Bactericide-free cutting fluids by BONDERITE have been in constant use for years, working well with intermittent downtimes.

There are numerous benefits:

  • For workers: BONDERITE's odorless metalworking fluids make the workshop safer, with high levels of skin compatibility because of no formaldehyde releasing agents or other toxic bactericides
  • For machines: A high level of cleanliness of machines, tools and machined parts is ensured by good washing properties. Downstream cleaning steps can be reduced, sometimes fully eliminated. Corrosion protection included
  • In sustainability: Lower consumption in cutting fluid is achieved by the smart emulsions low drag-out rate and the long bath-life. Both the environment and your books benefit

BONDERITE L-MR 21715 B, BONDERITE L-MR 21165 and BONDERITE L-MR 21895 cutting fluids are suitable for a broad range of materials and a variety of precision machining processes. No bactericide is necessary and the initial concentration of only 4 to 8% drops as low as 0.3% to 1,5% for topping up. Please contact us for a consultation and try out our most suitable BONDERITE L-MR cutting fluid for your workspace.

The Allrounder: BONDERITE L-MR 21715 B Cutting Fluid

BONDERITE L-MR 21715 B Keeps Machines and Workpieces Clean and Features Excellent Corrosion Protection.

Learn more about water soluble BONDERITE L-MR 21715 B – with an emulsifier system and excellent corrosion protection.

Developed by experienced professionals, Henkel's cutting fluid range BONDERITE L-MR offers odorless, formaldehyde-free formulas. Production sites all around the globe rely on the bactericide-free emulsions for optimal results – for machines, tools and workpieces. Use with Henkel cleaners to meet any and all challenges. Please contact us for more information and full support.

The Boron-free Allrounder: BONDERITE L-MR 21165

The Water-miscible Cutting Fluid – BONDERITE L-MR 21165

BONDERITE L-MR 21165 is an odorless boron-free cutting fluid. Its high bath-lifetime saves you time and money.

Learn more about water soluble BONDERITE L-MR 21165 for its sustainability, both environmentally and economically.

The high lubricating Specialist: BONDERITE L-MR 21895 Cutting Fluid

The Bactericide-free BONDERITE L-MR 21895

Henkel's BONDERITE L-MR 21895 makes your work easier: A bactericide-free cutting fluid that reduces process costs and is safe to use.

BONDERITE L-MR 21895 with a fine dispersed emulsifier system offers smart solutions to the unique challenges of metalworking.