Whether for metal cutting, milling, drilling, grinding, turning, threading, reaming, or broaching – our comprehensive portfolio paired with your application will help your factory move in the right direction.

Benefits of working with Henkel's machining and grinding range

  • Excellent properties: Low foaming, hard water stable, high lubricity and clean running combined with a long bath life
  • Clean working operations and clean parts
  • Improved production efficiency: Low maintenance, improved tool life and lowest total operating cost
  • Increased sustainability: Lower product consumption, lower water consumption and less waste

From forming, stamping and casting, to parts cleaning, adhesion and sealing, Henkel is your partner. When it comes to metal machining specifically, we offer:

  • Biocide free lubricants
  • Boron free products
  • High performance lubricants
  • Water-soluble coolants
  • Neat oil cutting lubricants
  • Non-chlorinated lubricants

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