Herbal Plaster

A professional low-sensitivity adhesive solution for herbal plasters

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Henkel has customized a professional low-sensitivity adhesive solution for herbal plasters, which integrates cutting-edge technology and traditional herbal medicine.

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Today, with the advancement of medical technology, convenient plasters that help reduce pain have become a necessity in many households. Using deep insights into the herbal medicine market, Henkel customized and launched a professional low-sensitivity adhesive solution for herbal plasters. This new high-quality product helps consumers live a healthy lifestyle.

Traditional culture merges with innovation and technology
Join hands with Henkel for higher safety

In a highly intense and fast-paced life, people care more and more about living a healthy life and yearn for safe and convenient health solutions. As a result, various kinds of herbal plasters with different curing effects have emerged on the market. However, some existing adhesive plasters may cause skin allergies and even inflammation. For others, their residues are difficult to remove after use, which annoys many consumers. As a technological innovator of medical adhesives, Henkel perfectly integrates the leading adhesive technology with traditional medicine to launch a better solution for herbal plasters. With high-quality and low-sensitive adhesive products, Henkel has successfully eliminated the safety concerns of consumers.

Excellent performance, gentle to use

The Henkel herbal plaster adhesive solution has a variety of excellent properties, which doubles the safety level of the herbal plaster, making it easier for consumers to use it whenever they want.

  1. Hypoallergenic. Henkel’s solution can reduce the possibility of allergic reactions and prevent allergic inflammation such as redness, itching, and papules. It also protects delicate skin.
  2. Easy to peel off. Henkel’s solution is easy to peel off, therefore no pain will be caused in the removal process.
  3. Easy to clean. Henkel’s solution leaves little residual on the skin after use.

In addition, Henkel’s herbal plaster adhesive solution is thick, durable, and sweat resistant. It can be customized in different colors and has passed the ISO 10993 certification with excellent quality assurance.

Rich product portfolio & diverse application scenarios

Henkel has launched a variety of medical adhesives, which can be used for herbal plasters, slimming plasters, joint pain relief plasters, muscle relief plasters, auxiliary relief plasters, lumbar/cervical pain relief plaster, and more. Henkel’s solutions can meet diverse medical and healthcare needs.

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