The Henkel product portfolio is making a difference through adhesives that replace the need for welding, threadlockers and sealants that prevent costly HVAC fluid leaks, and solutions that streamline manufacturing production lines.


When adhesives are used instead of welding, it expedites the manufacturing process while also providing a more reliable finished product. And given the breadth of Henkel’s product portfolio, you’ll find all of the adhesive, bonding and surface treatment solutions you’ll need for HVAC manufacturing from one convenient, reliable source:

  • Machinery adhesives
  • Structural adhesives
  • Elastomeric sealants
  • Liquid gasketing
  • Insulation bonding
  • Metal surface treatments
  • Low pressure molding
  • Foam stop

Cost Savings

Henkel’s objective of lowering production costs is the focus of every product delivered. Our low viscosity, low VOC water-based adhesives save money, as they require less application equipment. Our surface treatments promote adhesion while reducing corrosion, resulting in longer paint life and warranty extension.

  • Central A/C condenser and air handler units
  • Ductless condenser and air handler units
  • Gas and electric furnaces
  • Water heating and boiler units
  • Flexible air duct assembly


Henkel brings to its customers the exceptional purchasing power of a global Fortune 500 company, as well as exclusive agreements with established and emerging raw material suppliers. The result? A reliable supply and the security of knowing Henkel products are available when you need them.

Whatever challenges you may be facing, there’s a Henkel solution that delivers optimal adhesion, convenience and reliability.

Brochure: HVAC Solutions

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