With the development of smart functionality and improved energy efficiency, home appliances play an important part in the daily lives of consumers. For this reason, high-quality and durable materials are needed to withstand the heavy wear and tear home appliances endure.

Henkel’s range of appliance adhesives and sealants make appliance assembly more efficient and effective. We can help solve challenges related to automation, difficult to bond surfaces, higher temperatures, and more. Henkel’s home appliance material solutions including appliance gaskets are UL rated and offer excellent bonding to dissimilar substrates such as plastic, steel, and glass.

Henkel provides home appliance assembly solutions for a number of appliance assembly processes including:

  • Cook tops/Ranges/Ovens/Microwaves
  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Washing Machines/Dryers
  • Vacuums

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Home Appliance Product Solutions

Henkel is a global supplier of home appliance products and materials that are at the forefront of home appliance assembly technology. Manufactures depend on Henkel to provide robust, high-quality materials that are ideal for use in refrigerators and freezers, cook tops, ranges, ovens, washing machines, dryers, and vacuum cleaners.

Henkel provides the following range of Home Appliance product solutions:


The Henkel portfolio of appliance adhesives, including structural adhesives, flexible sealants, machinery adhesives, and instant adhesives, are at the forefront of appliance assembly methods that improve productivity and assembly line efficiency while lowering costs.

With heat resistant and thermally conductive bonding solutions, including adhesive for refrigerators and stainless steel adhesive appliance covers, Henkel’s range of appliance adhesives provide strong and long lasting bonds for a variety of substrates, including plastic, glass, and steel. Henkel’s product solutions include assembly solutions for insulation as well as materials for the bonding of cooktops, frames, and windows to ensure assembly integrity.

Structural and Elastomeric Materials

Structural and insulation bonding materials, along with appliance sealants and adhesives, play an important role in appliance assembly, especially when it comes to improved durability and energy efficiency. Using high performance appliance insulation materials can help lower energy consumption while structural materials provide additional strength and durability. Henkel offers a range of TECHNOMELT® PUR hot melt structural materials that includes adhesives for refrigerator assembly as well as insulation materials and stainless steel adhesives for appliance covers.

Display Materials

With display materials solutions for many facets of flat panel display (FPD) production, Henkel delivers a variety of products that enable highly efficient manufacturing and excellent reliability. The Henkel line of display material products includes sealants, pin terminal/temporary bonding products, ITO/COG overcoats, rework stripers, and cleaners that are applied after liquid crystal injection.

Henkel offers a wide range of display bonding materials such as optically clear adhesives that are developed enable new touch screen designs. These adhesives include acrylic, epoxy, and resin formulations.


Henkel’s acquisition of Sonderhoff further expands our ability to serve the appliance assembly industry, with reliable appliance silicone and 2K polyurethane sealants and innovative foamed-in-place gasketing solutions that protect appliances against dust, humidity, and other contaminants.

Henkel’s gasket sealants provide a high-quality alternative to hard gaskets in appliance assembly. For example, adhesives for refrigerator door gaskets produce leak-proof seals between mating flanges, preventing the leakage of moisture, gasses, fluids, or contaminants. Our gasket appliance sealants provide up to 95% material savings over hard gaskets while offering flexibility in design, allowing for lower cost manufacturing methods.

Protecting Materials/Circuit Board Protection/Connection Materials

High-performance electronics require adequate protection from adverse environmental conditions and external interference. Henkel´s conformal coating solutions protect the PCB from moisture and chemical contaminants, while our package- and board-level EMI shielding materials offer vital radio-frequency interference resistance for today’s smart appliances that incorporate wireless technologies. Once populated with high-value, high-density components, these devices need to be safeguarded against vibration and shock.

Market-leading LOCTITE® underfill formulations deliver added solder joint reliability to defend against stress. To secure the entire electronic system, Henkel’s potting materials and TECHNOMELT® low pressure molding hot melts deliver robust defense against harsh environments, encapsulating the assembly for maximum protection. Moreover, Henkel functional inks and coatings are helping manufactures develop new types of printed circuit board designs.

Joining all of the components for collaborative operation and high reliability is the job of Henkel’s portfolio of advanced connecting materials. Electrical interconnection at the board level is facilitated by our wide portfolio of solder materials (lead-free alloys, high-reliability alloy, halogen-free solder formulations) and a broad range of electrically conductive adhesive. Our material scientists and engineering teams understand the application-specific requirements, process objectives, and manufacturing demands to advise on the best solutions for optimal results.

Thermal Materials

Modern appliances have become more compact and powerful, with components diminishing in size and expanding in function. The combination of these factors has resulted in increased heat generation. Effective thermal management is critical for ensuring proper function and lifetime reliability.

When parts overheat, they can’t function properly. Henkel’s Bergquist® brand thermal interface materials are the undisputed market leader for effective thermal management solutions. Our low-stress gap filling materials are enabling high-performance and providing thermal relief from heat generation. High-conformity GAP PAD®  and automated throughput-enhancing liquid form-in-place GAP FILLERs effectively absorb and dissipate heat.

Our wide range of phase change and thermally conductive adhesive materials in paste or film format allow customers to accommodate specific manufacturing requirements such as dispense patterns, material thicknesses, and automation.

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