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Preventing leaks in fluid process equipment is one of manufacturers’ highest priorities. And doing so means designing for leak-free devices. It’s not easy. Gaps, or surface irregularities in flange and threaded pipe assemblies create leak paths that aren’t filled completely by conventional sealing methods like pre-cut gaskets and thread seal tape.

Gasket Leak Using Pre-Cut Gaskets

Leak in Threaded Pipe Using Thread Sealing Tape

That’s where LOCTITE® gasket and thread sealants can help. Our gasket and thread sealants can stop leaks. They completely fill gaps, forming reliable, long-lasting, high pressure seals.

Benefits of LOCTITE® Gasket and Thread Sealants

  • Provides reliable seal because all surface irregularities are filled
  • No extra machining required
  • Prevents corrosion as it seals out moisture and air
  • Instantly seals low pressure
  • Easy to apply and disassemble
  • Prevents self-loosening; does not shrink or crack
  • High strength seals (10,000psi)

Whatever You Manufacture, There’s a LOCTITE® Solution

Assembly solutions using LOCTITE adhesives and sealants for: 

Leak-proof solutions with LOCTITE® 

We can help you:

  • Reduce warranty claims
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Improve competitiveness

To help you design for leak-free devices, LOCTITE has:

  • The industry knowledge
  • Technology solutions
  • Applications support

Fluid Processing Resources

Our fluid processing resources provide key technical information on LOCTITE solutions, including specific applications for various equipment such as compressors, pumps and industrial processing machinery. Learn how LOCTITE solutions provide a viable and in many cases better solution to mechanical fasteners and sealers.

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