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As an electric motor manufacturer, you face demanding market requirements for increased durability, lower manufacturing costs, and greater motor efficiency. Henkel, the leading solution provider for electric motor adhesives, sealants, thermal management materials, and functional coatings, offers expertise throughout the value chain, as well as innovative solutions that provide maximum electric motor reliability and cost-effective production.

For electric motor assembly, LOCTITE® adhesives and sealants provide the following benefits:

  • Minimizing magnet gaps, improving corrosion resistance, and maximizing electric motor reliability
  • Maintaining insulation between laminations and improving power
  • Reducing noise and vibration
  • Preventing air and fluid leaks
  • Simplifying your process
  • Allowing for easier automation

Material Solutions for Electric Motor Assembly

Our innovative portfolio of electric motor assembly materials is designed to enhance efficiency and increase overall electric motor reliability. Henkel offers a full range of electric motor adhesives for a variety of structural bonding applications including electric motor shaft materials for bonding magnet segments to the rotor, ring magnets to the rotor, reinforcing wires on stators, bonding stators, and brackets to housing, as well as lead wire bonding and additional bonding support for the frame. 

Additionally, we offer thermal interface materials, as well as low pressure molding solutions and potting compounds for electronically commutated motor (ECM) applications such as adding potting to the electric motor stator.
Henkel’s electric motor assembly materials include the following solutions:

Magnet Bonding

Using electric motor adhesives for magnet bonding reduces parts and lowers costs by replacing the need for mechanical fasteners and allows for smaller, more compact designs. Furthermore, Henkel’s range of electric motor magnet adhesives lower tolerances by filling gaps between the stator and magnet as well as the rotor to magnets.


Threadlocking helps seal and protect threads from liquids and gasses, as well as eliminates bolt loosening caused by vibration or thermal cycling stresses. Our high-quality threadlocker materials help to maintain the proper clamp load over the life of the motor.


Retaining compounds are ideal for use for bonding cylindrical fitting parts in electric motor housing where disassembly may be required for servicing operations. Retaining electric motor housing material compounds increase the torque load transfer of existing designs and provides an even distribution of load and stresses. Retaining compounds are also used to hold rotors to electric motor shafts. Henkel’s range of medium or high strength retaining compounds also help to reduce loosening and leakage caused by shock or vibration.


Potting compounds ensure electric motor reliability by providing electric motor thermal protection from environment effect by encapsulating and insulating components. The electric motor thermal management material protects components against impact, vibrations, thermal shocks, moisture, and dust. Our non-corrosive potting compounds increase motor efficiency and are ideal for electric motor thermal switches and connectors. Using electric motor thermal protection reduces temperature hotspots and results in better temperature distribution and, therefore, increased motor reliability.


Henkel’s range of chemical resistant gasketing sealants fill gaps and provide a flexible seal that will not tear or disintegrate over time. Gasketing eliminates the need for a large inventory of multiple gaskets and O-ring sizes and types and helps achieve higher IP motor ratings. Additionally, using a liquid gasketing sealant reduces overall material costs and eliminates manual assembly of conventional cut gaskets.

Thread Sealing

Liquid thread sealing materials provide chemical resistance and seal threads against industrial liquid and gas leaks. Henkel’s portfolio of thread sealing products are easy to apply and eliminates large inventory of multiple seals and O-ring sizes and types. Our range of thread sealing products prevent corrosion and are available in low- and full-pressure seal formulations.

Wire Reinforcement/Electrical Connections

Reinforcement of wire and electrical connections improves electric motor reliability and longevity and helps to unitize the wires and connections. This is done using instant or rapid fixturing adhesives. Henkel’s range of materials for wire reinforcement and electrical connections offer improved resistance to high loads, such as a centrifugal forces and humidity.


Tacking using electric motor adhesives helps keep wires and insulation materials in place during manufacturing. It also helps to prevent wire breakage caused by vibration. Tacking using an epoxy resin for electric motors offers excellent moisture and temperature resistance as well as additional structural bonding.

General Bonding

Electric motor adhesives for general bonding are useful for joining and sealing dissimilar materials. Furthermore, they allow for simpler designs and reduce the overall number of necessary parts as well as easier manufacturing by filling gaps and allowing wider tolerances. Henkel’s range of electric motor epoxy adhesives provide excellent adhesion strength for various electric motor housing materials while offering good chemical, temperature, and environmental resistance. Our range of epoxy resin for electric motors are ideal for use inside electric motor housing when bonding magnets to the rotor.

Surface treatment/Functional Coatings and Cleaners

Applying surface treatments and coatings helps reduce the rate of surface corrosion when paint is compromised as well as lowers processing costs. Henkel’s portfolio of surface treatments and functional coatings and cleaners enhance coating adhesion and are offer good compatibility with various paints.

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