Schedule a workshop with a LOCTITE® Engineering Solutions Expert to see how your plant can extend equipment life and get closer to zero unscheduled downtime.

Unscheduled downtime is detrimental to the wastewater industry. Henkel solutions provide ways to reverse these setbacks by rebuilding and repairing industrial equipment to new or even better condition. With these solutions, unscheduled downtime in your facility is minimized while efficiency and production are maximized.


Where are Henkel solutions making a difference?

  • Increasing reliability by repairing concrete damage caused by high usage
  • Saving time by maximizing conveyer uptime 
  • Improving safety by eliminating hazardous slips and falls 
  • Reducing cost by avoiding part replacement


Here are a few product applications Henkel has to offer in order to increase reliability and availability of your wastewater treatment facility while also saving costs and improving safety:

Repair Conveyer Belts

Repair tears in belts and maximize conveyer uptime by getting them back in service in as little as 2 hours when using LOCTITE® PC 7350™ Conveyer Belt Repair.

Eliminate Hazardous Slips and Falls

LOCTITE® Anti-Slip Floor coatings can be applied to the greasy bar screen room floor even after years of water and chemical attack damage.

Prevent Loosening and Misalignment of Equipment

LOCTITE® PC 9626™ Deep Pour and LOCTITE® PC 9422™ Super Grout can be used to secure pumps and blowers to the floor in order to prevent loosening and costly misalignment.

Repair and Protect Damaged Pumps

Apply LOCTITE® PC 7227™ Brushable Ceramic and metal rebuilding products to worn and damaged pumps and components to prevent further abrasive wear to your equipment.

Reverse Eroded Concrete Surfaces

LOCTITE® PC 7204™ High Performance Quartz is a high strength, rapid-setting concrete repair product that can be driven on in as few as 4 hours, thus significantly reducing downtime.

Solutions for Wastewater Treatment Plants

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