Does mining put more stress on equipment than any other industry? It certainly seems that way with drilling, processing, and excavation equipment under constant, heavy vibration and stress. You know the challenges surrounding mining machinery maintenance – loose fasteners and hydraulic fittings in drilling equipment, misaligned gaps on crushers, damaged rubber on conveyer belt systems, to just name a few. Mining and quarry equipment goes through numerous stresses on a day-to-day basis making maintenance challenges seem daunting.

Henkel has a simple solution to these problems: LOCTITE® adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings from Henkel. Our product solutions, which include threadlockers, retaining compounds, and repair materials, are used for maintenance and repair on equipment such as conveyor belt systems, crushers, chutes, hydrocyclones, ball mills, flotation cells, and more.

We know that you are looking for innovative solutions to the most pressing mining equipment maintenance challenges. Henkel has developed its LOCTITE® product portfolio to meet your mining and quarry equipment requirements that extend equipment life and efficiency.

Extend Mining and Quarrying Equipment Life and Efficiency

LOCTITE® products have been proven to keep mining and quarrying equipment in top operating condition through applications that are faster and easier than welding. The result is increased uptime and improved efficiency at your mine’s processing plant.

Start realizing these cost savings benefits that helps extend equipment life and keeps it running well.

On-Site Surveys and Trainings

In addition to being a leading supplier of MRO materials, Henkel also has a team of maintenance experts that conduct on-site surveys and maintenance training courses to help make sure your facility stays in working order. Schedule an on-site visit by contacting our team.

Further Resources

Download our Mining and Quarry brochure that gives you an in-depth explanation of the benefits of using Henkel’s LOCTITE® products for surface protection, abrasion resistance, frame protection, wear/corrosion protection, and more while helping to extend equipment life and reduce costs.

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