Henkel MicroEmission PUR adhesives for the furniture industry    

Combining outstanding performance with benchmarks in safety

How do your customers make purchase decisions?

When consumers are strolling through a furniture store, it’s not just looks, functionality or price that factors into their purchasing decision. In fact, 90 percent of consumers think the chemicals and materials used when manufacturing furniture are important or very important to their purchase decision process.

Safety: Top Priority

This is nothing new to us – enabling the highest possible safety standards at our customers’ sites has always been a top priority for Henkel.

More importantly, we don’t react – we anticipate. This is why we successfully took on the challenge of pushing occupational safety of reactive polyurethane (PUR) adhesives to new levels as early as 2003. PUR adhesives are a vital part of lamination technology, with their unique properties that ensure very high heat and water resistance – perfect for furniture that has to withstand heat and steam, like in bathrooms or kitchens. But, diisocyanates – which are a natural part of every PUR adhesive – have been restricted under REACH and require additional safety measures if they are present over a given threshold.

TECHNOMELT PUR MircoEmission Range

The use of PUR adhesives is safe when suitable exhaust systems are in place, proper safety equipment is used and the application is supervised. Nevertheless, we are constantly striving to set new benchmarks in occupational safety, which is why we developed a PUR adhesive range that contains less than 0.1 percent of monomeric isocyanate. The TECHNOMELT PUR MicroEmission (ME) range is exempted from these restrictions and doesn’t require any additional training or safety measures other than those currently in place.

Wide range of Application Area

For all major applications such as edge banding, profile wrapping or flat lamination of wood-based materials for the furniture industry, clean joint appearance and highly resilient bonding are decisive factors in the market. Features such as durable high-strength bonds, exceptional moisture resistance, unusually high heat resistance of up to 150 °C, low application weight, clean and economical processing – all of which are key plus points for bonding with “conventional” reactive PUR hotmelts – are identical in the emission-reduced, TECHNOMELT PUR ME products. These key attributes are market-proven across the whole ME product range and testified by numerous satisfied customers around the world. 

What does that mean for you?


  • Full adhesive performance
  • Improved technical standards in occupational safety
  • Emit significantly less isocyanate-containing vapors
  • Green production is a competitive advantage
  • Less hazardous materials at work – less regulations 
  • Compliance with substitution principle

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