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Increased requirements for rich media streaming, cloud-based storage, data mining and analytics and machine learning applications has accelerated the demand for next- generation high-speed network access and data processing. Materials used to produce and protect state-of-the-art electronics play a large role in determining performance and reliability and Henkel leads the market with advanced solutions for datacom applications.


Next generation data center interconnect technology and higher data bandwith requirements are driving the industry toward 400GE solutions, creating a need for improved thermal management and system level cooling solutions. 

Leading BERGQUIST® and thermal interface material solutions provide multi-faceted approaches to heat management, offering holistic temperature control for the device and the system. 


Rich media streaming, data mining analytics and machine learning applications have driven the need for new high performance computing solutions, resulting in increased CPU and GPU quantities and processor speeds in servers.

With the higher power densities that result, heat dissipation through advanced thermal materials systems like Henkel’s BERGQUIST solutions is critical to meeting new functionality standards. 


Cloud-based storage and data mining analytics require increase more capable hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) devices for storage and faster data access.  

This has led to an increase in the number of HDD and SDD components on a single line card, making more effective heat transfer a necessity. GAP PAD® and liquid gap filler from Henkel are helping datacom specialists cope with these challenging demands.

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