Telecom and Datacom Infrastructure

Advanced materials for high performance telecom and datacom applications

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As big data gets bigger and 5G technology – which will transmit data ten times faster than 4G – is set to take hold in 2020, the volume, transmission speed and processing requirements for modern communications are more demanding than ever before. The switch from wired to fiber optic connectivity between data centers and racks is stressing optical transceiver capability and increasing the heat generated by high speeds and big data volumes.

The Henkel portfolio of materials for telecom and datacom applications was designed to help boost performance by connecting key components, managing the increasing heat being generated and protecting sensitive devices in order to meet 5G demands.

Henkel Adhesive Solutions for Telecom and 5G Wireless Infrastructure 

Next generation 5G wireless infrastructure networks are designed to enhance mobile broadband speeds and added capability for 4K/8K video streaming, virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT) and mission-critical applications. Henkel materials are used to manufacture and protect high performance, high reliability electronic devices that are used in the design and manufacturing of these network solutions. With a long, established history as a reliable partner to top telecom/datacom leaders, Henkel material solutions enable next generation 5G networks.

Remote Radio Heads and Fixed Wireless Arrays

With equipment expected to withstand harsh outdoor environments and deliver a long deployment lifespan, power dissipation and thermal design control issues are key components in designing high-reliability outdoor solutions with limited active cooling.

Henkel's broad portfolio of high thermal conductivity and structural bonding materials provide leading- edge solutions to meet today’s telecom/datacom equipment requirements.

Base Stations

5G requirements for higher data rates and low latency: combined with the technology implementation of massive MIMO antennas systems have increased the number of high powered processors/ASICs and hardware components per base station. 

Henkel's high thermal conductivity gels and pads are helping to manage the heat imposed by higher power densities, solving  many of these challenges.

Thermally Conductive Gel Solutions for High Performance Telecom and Datacom Applications

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