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Designers and Engineers working in power conversion are under increasing pressure to expand the integrated communication connectivity and functional capability of power devices. Simultaneously, this added proficiency must be achieved within smaller dimensions while maintaining the reliability and cost targets that customers require. Henkel materials for the production and protection of power electronics play a large role in determining performance and reliability while simplifying processing, reducing scrap and lowering overall production costs. With a long and successful track record in the power supply sector, Henkel’s innovation pipeline is helping engineers design and build new devices that are more reliable and higher performing than ever before.

AC/DC Power Supplies

AC/DC power supplies are designed to convert AC transmission voltages to DC voltage for use by end applications, distribution systems and alternative energy devices. Improvements in design and capability facilitated by novel electronic materials help make these important electronic systems smaller, more portable, increasingly powerful, and highly reliable. Henkel materials play a critical role in producing AC/DC power supplies by facilitating bonding, electrical connection, environmental protection and thermal management so that electrical connections are secure, structures are durable and function is dependable.

DC/DC Power Supplies

Designed to convert DC transmission voltages to DC voltage for use by end applications or to and from battery backup systems, DC/DC power supplies are critical power devices for modern-day electronic functionality. From the electrical interconnects to PCB and component protection to heat dissipation and external housing bonding, Henkel materials deliver a comprehensive solution for DC/DC power supply design and production.

Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

As the name implies, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) provide clean, consistent power to protect essential equipment and keep it running in case of disruptions to the standard supply of power. These devices are relied upon for today’s communication infrastructure and Henkel materials allow UPS designers to save valuable server room space by enabling higher power in smaller rack spaces. The use of proven thermal management materials and low- voiding solder solutions pastes, along with encapsulation materials for the protection of components from contamination, make high-density designs possible and lifetime reliability realistic.

Applications for Power Supplies

Power supplies are functional units that convert transmission power into a format that is usable by electronic equipment. They are a critical component of any electronics system and failure can be catastrophic.

Paralleling the electronics industry as a whole, power density, efficiency and reliability requirements are increasing. Additionally, power supply manufacturers are under commercial pressures and must provide these improvements at little additional cost. Henkel has an established history as a trusted supplier of materials that meet the demands of leading power supply manufacturers. Our advanced formulations help protect sensitive electrical components from heat and environmental contaminants, provide reliable and robust interconnects, and allow for lower total cost of ownership by opening processing and operating windows, allowing for automation, and reducing the overall bill of materials.


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